Kundan Gaming UID, Best Stats, IGN, YouTube, Income and more in 2022.


Kundan Gaming UID in Garena Free Fire, In-game name, YouTube Channel and Content, Income & Earnings, Most popular YT Video, Best Statistgame, and much more in 2022. 

A very popular and well-known personality among the famous Garena Free Fire professional players and content creators who are known for their absolutely amazing gameplay in the game with their content creation on YouTube. 

Well, Kundan Gaming, also our topic for today’s article is one of them, and you may be familiar with the name or must’ve heard it somewhere if you follow the gaming community online. 

The player is quite famous and well-acknowledged for his amazing gameplay performance in the game with the videos which he uploads on his YouTube Channel.

So, without extending the Introduction part more, let’s get started with our today’s article on Kundan Gaming UID in Garena Free Fire, In-game name, YouTube Channel and Content, Income & Earnings, Most popular YT Video, Best Statistics in the game, and much more in 2022. 

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Kundan Gaming UID and IGN

Well, as per the date on the Internet, Kundan Gaming Uid is 566158319 and his In-game name is. 

Kundan Gaming ID BR Stats


Well, in solo, the pro gamer experienced around 1641 total matches and won about 174 of them, and collected 25722367 kills in Total. The player also finished nearly 703 games in the Top 10 which is 42.84% of the Top 10 Rate and with a final 1.6q K/D Ratio. 


In Duo, the pro player experienced a total of 576 matches and won around 170 of them, compiling 1881 kills in total. The player managed to finish 331 matches in the Top 5 with 57.47 % of the Top 5 rate with a final K/D Ratio of 4.63 in the game. 


In Squad, with his team members and squad, the player played 3858 games and won around 1249  of them collecting 12764 kills in total. The pro-FF gamer also ended 1890 games in the Top 3 which is about 48.99 % of the Top 3 Rate and a final 4.89 K/D Ratio in the game.

kundan gaming id br stats

Kundan Gaming ID CS Stats

kundan gaming id cs stats

Kundan Gaming YouTube Channel 

Kundan Gaming is also professionally known as one of the most famous and popular content creators of Garena Free Fire on Youtube. 

And, if we talk about the numbers then his Youtube channel currently has more than 2.82M subscribers and 436 videos uploaded on the YouTube Channel with most of his content mainly revolving around Garena Free Fire only. 

Kundan Gaming Most Watched YT Video

Kundan Gaming Income & Earnings

Well, talking about the Income & earnings of the player, the Youtube channel’s monthly estimated earnings are estimated to be somewhere around $1.2K  –  $19.1K currently. 

And, if you wish to know about his yearly or annually evaluated income and earnings from the Youtube channel then those numbers are nearly between $14.3K  –  $229.3K right now as per the information on Social Blade we know.

Kundan Gaming Instagram

Well, Kundan gaming Instagram account right now has more than 24.4k followers and 17 posts as you may know. 

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Final Words

So, readers, this was our today’s article on Ungraduate Gamer UID and IGN in Garena Free Fire, YouTube Channel and Content, Income & Earnings, Social Handles, Best Statistics in the game, and much more in 2022. 

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