LAKA Gamer UID, Free Fire, Income, YouTube, Best Stats in 2022


Laka Gamer UID, Free Fire, Income, YouTube Channel and Content, Sensitivity Settings, Best Statistics in Free Fire, Guild and Team, In-Game-Name, and level, Instagram and Social Handles, and much more in 2022. 

Well, when it comes to Garena Free Fire and the content creation category then definitely laka gamer’s name will be on the list. If you follow the game and the popular players of the game then you must be familiar with laka gamer. 

He is one of the best-known gamers as well as a content creator of Garena Free Fire. At present, he also has a huge audience base on YouTube that you may already know if you stumbled upon this article somehow. 

I would say that if you’re a gamer who is of course looking for some good quality content on gaming with a fun side then you should definitely check this creator out. 

Well, without stretching out the Introduction part more and giving time to it let’s get started with our today’s article on Laka Gamer Uid in Free Fire, Income, YouTube, Content, Sensitivity, Stats, and much more as of the present year which is 2022. 

Laka Gamer UID and Name

Well, laka Gaming uid is 225253933 and his In-Game-Name in Garena Free Fire MAX is TGR Laka Gamer.

Laka Gaming Sensitivity

  • General – 100
  • Red Dot – 56
  • 2x Scope – 68 
  • 4x Scope – 73
  • AWM/Sniper Scope – 82
  • Free Look – 98 

Note – This sensitivity of the laka gamer is according to his mobile and preferences. That’s why if you’re a PC or Emulator player then these laka gaming sensitivity settings may or may not work for you. It’s better if you set these settings and change them a little bit according to your gameplay and preferences in the game. This way you’ll have the best sensitivity settings that would work for you. 

Laka Gamer Uid Guild

Well, right now at the time of writing the article Laka Gamer is in the guild named TONDE⭐GAMER. Their Guild Id is 1001459224 and the glory of their guild is 2764060. Currently, their guild leader is गाई TONDE⚡ and his In-Game-Level is 85 presently. 

laka gamer guild

Laka Gamer Uid BR Stats


In Battle Royale, solo laka gamer has played a total of 1643 matches with successful 268 wins among them all and collecting over 4506 kills in all of these games. Finishing 822 games in the Top 10 with a 50.03% of Top 10 Rate his final K/D Ratio and AVG Damage per match was 3.28 and 758 respectively. 


In duo, the pro player of Garena FF participated in over 2195 matches and overcame around 450 wins from it all which is a 25% Win Ratio estimated. Laka Gamer collected around 6105 amazing kills in all of these games which maintained him a final K/D Ratio of 3.50 in the game. 


Well, according to his statistics it seems to us that laka gaming just outperformed in the squad category of his Battle Royale Statistics. With over 10175 games played and around 2147 wins among them all, he had an estimated 21.1% of Win Ratio. And, surprisingly laka gamer gathered a stunning figure of almost 26800 kills in the game giving him an absolutely amazing 3.33 K/D Ratio in the game.

Laka Gamer Uid Clash Squad Stats

Well, in the clash squad also the player performed pretty well and as per the number the pro gamer played around 6996 total games with over 3820 successful wins among them all gathering him a total number of 34794 kills in his all clash squad matches with a final 1.66 KDA in the game. 

  • Revives – 3377
  • AVG Damage Per Match – 2309
  • Headshots – 16809
  • Headshots Rate – 48.21%
  • Knockdowns – 30708
  • Win Rate – 54.60%
  • MVP – 2662
  • Double Kill – 6208 
  • Triple Kill – 2005
  • Quadra Kill – 476

Laka Gamer VS Raistar

Well, in the Garena Free Fire community you’ll find a lot of friendly matches between these popular players of the community, and the viewers also enjoy it. So, it maintains a healthy competition in the community also.

And, in today’s article on Laka Gamer Uid, we are going to cover them in which Raistar had a 1v1 match with laka gamer. Both are very brilliant players and one of the Best Garena Free Fire players around the globe. 

If you’re interested in their match then you can check out the video down below for their full match. 

Laka Gamer YouTube Channel

So, as I mentioned earlier also that if you’re a follower of the game and the content creation in the community which mainly includes YouTube and the popular players here then you must be already familiar with this YouTube Channel also.

Well, if you don’t know about it, no worries. Even then I would like to acknowledge you with laka gamer’s YouTube Channel by the name of Laka Gaming

And looking at the number I can tell you that the YouTube Channel has more than 2.57M subscribers and 1,122 videos uploaded on their YouTube Channel at the time of writing the article. 

Laka Gaming’s other YouTube Channel

And, in addition to this if you didn’t know then laka gamer also has another YouTube channel by the name of laka’s live and as the name suggests on this channel he does live streams of Free Fire on a daily basis. 

Laka Gaming Income

Well, now let’s talk about his Earnings from his YouTube Channel in the present time. So, according to the social blade laka gamer’s monthly earnings are estimated to be at around $11.7K  –  $186.6K, and his yearly earnings are estimated to be at around $139.9K  –  $2.2M as of the present month. 

And, the most important thing is that their income depends on the current views that the channel is getting, and if the count will be more then the revenue generated will also be more, and likewise, if the creator hasn’t published anything then the income will also be less. 

Laka Gaming Social Handles

Last Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article about Laka Gamer UID, Free Fire, Income, YouTube Channel and Content, Sensitivity Settings, Best Statistics in Free Fire, Guild and Team, In-Game-Name, and level, Instagram and Social Handles, and every other detail that you looked in the article. 

If you’ve any more queries or suggestions left with you then drop them down in the comment box and we’ll definitely get back to it. And, if we find your suggestions valid enough then we can even give you a shoutout back to you. 

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