Livik Map BGMI, Size, Pros and Cons, Monster Truck, Best Guide in 2022.


With our Best Guide on the Livik Map Bgmi in 2022, you’ll learn about its size, benefits, and drawbacks, monster truck locations, how to win matches on the map, characteristics and features, timings, and much more.

If you’re a regular player of the famous and most popular Battle Royale game in India, also referred to as the BGMI, aka Battlegrounds Mobile India, then you must be aware that there are five main primary maps in the game.

The first map is Erangle, followed by Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar, and finally our fifth map in the game, Livik. on the 7th of July when this map first came, not only soared the game’s popularity and reach, but this was one of the most played and liked maps after Erangel.

And, that’s why the makers made a very good move to continue this map as the 5th primary map in the game, and this decision was loved by all of the players mostly.

And, when this temporary map turned into a permanent part of the game, players started to explore more and more things regarding the map, and different questions and queries started to arise.

livik map bgmi

What are we going to discuss?

Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss in this article today, and some of the main highlights of our article today on Livik Map Bgmi would be:

  • Size of the Map
  • Advantages and disadvantages, Why and why not? You should play the map.
  • Locations of Monster Trucks
  • The best guide on how to win in the game.
  • Its Features and Characteristics
  • The Timings of the Map
  • and much more in 2022.

Livik Map BGMI PROs and CONs (Advantages and Disadvantages)

PROS (Reasons to play the map)

#1 Extra Loot

Well, the first and best reason why you should play the amazing Livik Map is because of its availability of resources and awesome loot. As per my experience with the game and this map so far, I feel that Livik has almost 5x the loot as compared to Erangle. We also have an article about the best loot locations in the Erangel map, so I guess it would be worth checking that also.

And, if you play both of the maps in the game just like me, then you will be able to feel what I am talking about, and this is the best thing about Livik; you land on any place, you get the gun, and you instantly have the chance of finishing the enemies.

Indeed, I’ll share a story of mine. Our team landed on Livik, and within 15 seconds of the game, I got my favorite guns, the AKM and M416. With this, not only was I saved by teammates but also got a bunch of finishes that would automatically increase my F/D in the game.

Well, a quick question for you: what do you prefer between AKM and M762? Let us know about it in the comments as we also related the article to it.

#2 (No Boredom) Short and Crips

The second best thing about the map, which I guess is also one of the most significant factors of the map, is that one should not get bored while playing the game, and this problem is accurately solved by the Livik Map.

If we talk about the Livik Map Size, then the map is only a 2x2KM map, which is best for someone who just wants a break from their work and wants to change their mood.

I guess the better word for explaining this point would be “short and crisp,” which means it doesn’t take much time and is more interesting to play, which is also connected to our next point ahead.

#3 It only takes 15 minutes.

Well, due to the map being so short and crisp and easy to play, the map doesn’t take much time to finish.

Generally speaking, the final timing of the map is around 13–15 mins, or you can also say, making it to the final circle in the game takes around 15-20 mins at its max, and not more than that.

So, as I also mentioned before, this is one of the best maps if someone has to take a break from their work and any other stuff.

#4 Effective for Rank Progression

If you’re a rank pusher and you’re reading the article, then you already know what I am talking about. Livik is the best map out there if you’re looking to increase your league and rank in the game.

And you’re probably wondering why, because I’m saying it too confidently. See, here’s how this works. In a normal erangel map, you get around 30-35 minutes easily, and if you win the match among the other 100 people, you increase your points by around 20-25 or a maximum of 30 points, and only if you get more finishes in the match, for example, 30 mins with around 10 finishes.

And, in Livik Map, you put in around 13-15 mins and if you win the match without any kills, then you can easily get around 10-12 points plus, and if you get a good number of kills, then 17-18 points are confirmed, which is a lot if you compare with the time you invest in the game.

whereas you don’t get this much benefit in the erangle map and, if you win your previous erangle map and get a plus of 30 points, you play the next match and instantly get knocked out, which sometimes happens with the players. Your 30 minutes of hard work are wasted in an instant.

Unlike in Livik, if you get a plus of 20 points and you die in the next match unless you’re in conqueror, you’ll only get a minus of around 12-15 points, which can be recovered in one match easily you’re still in your league only.

#5 Increasing the F/D Ratio in Bgmi

Well, as I also shared with you the story of mine, that is how I got good loot at the beginning, which eventually led to more finishes in the game and ultimately more F/D Ratio in the game.

And, this is the one and the only reason why you should prefer the Livik map Bgmi more than any other if you’re willing to increase your F/D ratio in the game, or even if you’re not so focused on your F/D, you can get more finishes in the game.

This will eventually lead to more F/D Ratio in the game and, eventually, a better and improved gameplay with a good skillset in your hand.

# 6 Suspenseful and thus more interesting availability

One of the best aspects of the map is that it combines the four primary maps discussed in the article, which are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

You can find Sandy Ground here. In the corner of the map, you can find Vikendi’s snow. Erangel’s theme can be easily seen in the Midestien area of the map, and the last Miramar can be seen at the houses of Gronhus.

livik map bgmi iceborg

CONs (Why you shouldn’t play the map)

# Map 2x2KM

Well, it is often said that developing one’s advantage can be a disadvantage for others, so that’s why if you’re a player who is more interested in bigger maps like Earangle or Miramar, then I would say Livik will not be the best fit for you because, as I said earlier, it is only a 2x2KM area.

#2: Less cover means more open fire.

If you play the game frequently, especially on the Livik map, you’ll notice that most of the time a squad, or even you or your teammates, are killed in an open fire or by a 3rd party squad, which is a common discussion about Livik in particular.

And also, there are no more cover options in the open, and often I’ve seen players getting knocked out and finished in the open area only, and most of it was done by a 3rd party team.

#3 Completed by a random or third-party team

Circumstances happen as you get killed in a rush or ambush, or sometimes you rush onto a squad, finish them, and then you get killed by a 3rd party squad, which you say came out of nowhere.

So, I guess with so many pros and advantages of why you should consider the Livik map, I wouldn’t say this is a complete disadvantage, but only play the map if you’re willing to take the 3rd party damage.

#4 No Flare Gun

Well, yeah, I know it is a small map, but who doesn’t love flare guns in the game? I guess it is one of the most interesting parts of the game when people get excited instantly in a rush.

It is said that when there is a will, there is a way. It’s almost the same scenario here. When there is a flare gun fired, there is an ambush. That ambush is the emotion that is why we all love the game and like to play it.

But unfortunately, I guess the makers decided to remove it because of a lot of factors. One of them could be its size, and therefore we can’t do much about it, but the airdrops and the airdrop weapons are always there in the game.

By the way, we do have an article on our website that is related to the best flare gun locations in BGMI, so if you’re interested in this, then you can also check it out.

Livik Map Monster Truck Locations

If you search for anything regarding the Livik Map Bgmi, then you will eventually get to know that many of the players of the game are interested in finding the Monster Truck Locations on the map.

Well, there are three main locations in the Livik Map in Bgmi that are popular for monster trucks and where most of the time you can find the popular vehicles, and below are the livik map monster truck locations.

#1 Midestein 

#2 Crabgrass

#3 Aqueduct

aqueduct livik monster truck location

#4 Power Plant

power plant monster truck location

# 5 Iceborg

Best Loot Spots on the Livik Map Bgmi

Good loot is one of the most important things in the game, which pretty much decides your win or loss in the game, I guess, because how would you even finish a player if you don’t have enough good loot? Doesn’t it make sense? So, here’s a small list of the best loot locations in the game.

  • #1 Midestein 
  • #2 PowerPlant 
  • #3 Crabgrass 
  • #4 Gronhus 
  • #5 East Port

Well, we do have a specific blog post on this topic, so if you wish to know more about these locations in the Livik Map Bgmi that we’ve then you can also check that out.

Livik Map Size

Well, as I also mentioned above, the Livik map size is a 2x2KM area. For more information about the maps in the game, you can click here and you’ll get to know about their download sizes.

Livik Map Time to finish

Well, generally speaking, as I also told you before, the map usually takes around 12–15 minutes on average, but sometimes when making it to the final circle, it can also take around 18–20 minutes at its max.

Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on the Livik Map BGMI, its Size, Advantages and Disadvantages, Monster Truck Locations, How to win matches on the Map, Characteristics and Features, and Timings, and much more with our Best Guide on the Livik Map Bgmi in 2022.

So, now the final question about Livik Map Bgmi is, is it a good map overall? Definitely yes, and now you are also familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the map, which is exactly why you should play the map and why not also.

Now, whether you play or not, the map depends on you. And, deciding whether you want to play the map or not depends on your game style and preferences.

If you’re looking to increase your rank or push your F/D ratio in the game, then you should consider this one, and similarly, if you’re a bit on the side of the cons and the disadvantages of the map, then it’s on you.

But looking at all of these characteristics and features of the map, you can very easily decide for yourself whether you want to play the map or not.

You know the drill. If you liked today’s article and you think you got something helpful and valuable, then a small share from your side would help us a lot.

And, for similar tips and tricks, tutorials, and guides from our site, you can check out our Best BGMi and Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks category for more articles just like this one.

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