M8N Free Fire ID, IGN, Income, Best Stats, YouTube Channel in 2022


In 2022, M8N Free Fire ID, IGN, Income, Best Statistics in Garena Free Fire, YouTube Channel, Most Viewed YT Video, Game Sensitivity Settings, and much more will be available.

Well, if you landed on this article about M8N, then you must already be familiar with this player or must’ve heard his name once, at least if you’re quite the follower of the game and the people and the popular players of this Garena Free Fire community.

And, when it comes to online gaming and especially the famous Battle Royale games just like BGMI and FF, aka Battlegrounds Mobile India and Garena Free Fire, it’s only a matter of rare fact that his name would not be on the list. 

But, have you ever asked yourself how this player became so successful and famous in the gaming world despite so much competition? 

Well, the main reason behind this is because of his amazing performance in the game and the content that he creates on his YouTube Channel. 

Indeed, more about that later on in the article, but for now let’s start our today’s article on M8N Free Fire ID, IGN, Income, Best Statistics in Garena Free Fire, YouTube Channel, Most Watched YT Video, Sensitivity Settings in the game, and much more in 2022. 

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M8N’s real name, age, and country

Well, M8N, aka Almodah, is a 19-year-old pro gamer and content creator from Egypt. 

Id and IGN for M8N Free Fire

So, talking about M8N Free Fire Id or his Garena Free Fire user id, which is 608823917, and his IGN is M8N  ^^. 

Settings for M8N Free Fire Id Sensitivity

  • General – 100
  • Red Dot – 100 
  • 2x Scope – 100 
  • 4x Scope – 100 
  • AWM/Sniper Scope – 100 
  • Free Look – 100
  • Stats for M8N Free Fire Id BR


Well, alone, the pro player played a total of 1301 games and won around 222 matches in total, with a total of 4271 kills among all the games. He was able to finish 621 games in the Top 10 with a 47.73% Top 10 Rate and a final 3.96 K/D Ratio in Garena Free Fire. 


Along with a player, M8N participated in a total of 3077 games with a pretty good number of 794 wins among them all, collecting a total of 12077 total number of kills in all of the matches above. He finished around 1340 games in the Top 5 with a beautiful 43.55% Top 5 Rate and, at last, with a 5.29 K/D Ratio in the game.


The pro player played a total of 13938 games, with around 1580 wins out of all the games and collecting around 41627 kills in all of the matches. And, close to winning all of the games, he was able to get 2493 matches in the Top 3 with a 17.84% Top 3 Rate and a 3.36 final K/D Ratio in the Battlefield.

m8n free fire br stats

M8N Free Fire ID CS stats

Well, in his Clash Squad career, the pro player participated in around 1428 games, with an average of around 1003, collecting around 49 kills with a final 1.89 KDA in the game. 

  • Revives – 739
  • Average Damage Per Match: 3437
  • Headshots: 5774
  • Headshot Rate: 59.80%
  • Knockdowns: 5917
  • Win Rate – 70.24%
  • MVP – 999
  • Double Kill – 1207
  • Triple Kill229
  • Quadra Kill – 49

m8n free fire cs stats

M8N YouTube Channel

Well, as I mentioned above, if you watch the game often and do like to play the game and follow the popular content creators out there, you must know that the pro player also has a YouTube Channel by the name M8N

And, if I talk about the numbers and stats of his YouTube Channel, then at the time of writing this article, the content creator has more than 6.87M subscribers and 223 videos uploaded on his channel presently. 

And, for most of the time, his main focus is just on Garena Free Fire and uploading videos related to it, like his gameplay, highlights, friendly battles, and some other kinds of stuff too. 

M8N VS Vincenzo Fight

Well, if you’ll head onto the featured section of M8N’s YouTube Channel you can see there a friendly battle of both of these popular pro players and content creators who are M8N and Vincenzo. For the full gameplay, you may check it out here on his YouTube Channel. 

Income from the YouTube Channel

Well, according to Social Blade, his monthly estimated income from his YouTube channel is estimated to be somewhere around $191-$3.1K and if we talk about his yearly earnings from his YouTube channel, it is nearly estimated to be somewhere between $2.3K and $36.7K as of the present month. 

But their income is never this stable and it keeps on fluctuating as the numbers keep on growing and lowering at the same time because of the views their channel gets. 

Well, not only views but many other factors are also dependent on their YouTube Channel’s revenue and earnings, just like the niche they are creating content on, their CPM, RPM, and many other factors which you can check out on Google for more information. 

Most Viewed YT VID

The most-watched and viewed YT video from his YouTube Channel is handcam gameplay only, with approximately 8.8M+ views and approximately 691k likes at the time of writing this article.

Instagram Account M8N

Well, for his Instagram account, you can check it out here, and for the statistics, as of the present month, which is May 2022, his Instagram account has more than 943k followers.

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Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on M8N Free Fire ID, IGN, Income, Best Statistics in Garena Free Fire, YouTube Channel, Most Watched YT Video, Sensitivity Settings in the Game, and much more in 2022. 

Well, if you’ve any queries or questions regarding the above article then leave them down in the comment section and we’ll see what we can do regarding it for you. 

And, for more articles just like this one make sure to check out our Garena Free Fire Popular Players category to check out some more players just like this one. 

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