Top Most Popular Mobile Games 2021


Games are now pretty much a part of some people’s lives. And, for a gamer, A day without a game is incomplete.

You must have played all these games and maybe would be playing them every day, but had you ever wondered if that or which one is the top most popular mobile game in 2021.

So, today we would be answering some of these questions that are the top most popular mobile games 2021.

And So, many games in India are popular and played by everybody but which is the most popular game till now. Is it subway surfer, candy crush, free fire, call of duty or pubg let’s see.

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Top Most Popular Mobile Games 2021

1. Ludo king

The best game grew rapidly in September 2020 crossing 500 million downloads in the Google play store. Over the last few months. This game grew rapidly increasing from 15 million active users to 32 active million users.

Very cheerful to put this game on the list of the best and topmost popular mobile games in 2021.

This game is so popular that even the small kids and adults are so interested in playing this game as it reminds them of their past and especially in India, you will find many people playing this game on the daily basis.

So, that’s why it’s a must include in the list of the top most popular mobile games 2021.

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ludo king


2. Pubg Mobile

With over 500+ million downloads and receiving 175 million downloads from India only. This game grew rapidly in India and especially in the last year of 2020 in the covid lockdown.

And also now as we all know that the new Battlegrounds mobile India has come up with a big surprise and everybody’s playing that. So, you can say that the new battlegrounds mobile is also on this list.

All the pubg or battlegrounds mobile India, or bgmi for short loves this game. Everything about this game is excellent. If we talk about the graphics or the maps in it and especially the gun and the gun’s skin then this game is fabulous.

And the main thing about this game is that I don’t have to tell you the popularity and the downloads of this game.

Almost in today’s generation, everybody knows about this game. And I don’t think there’s any person who doesn’t know about this game. On all the social media platforms and all the streaming platforms, you will find this game easily.

Moreover, there are hundreds and thousands of people who like to watch videos about this game and streams. You will also find many people who stream this game on youtube or any other streaming platform.

If we talk about the graphics or the maps in it and especially the gun and the gun’s skin then this game is fabulous.

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pubg mobile

3. Garena Free Fire 

This game also includes in the top 10 battlegrounds games with over 500 million downloads with 50 million daily active users this game is also very known in India.

Almost everybody today knows about this game and especially in the young age group this game is very famous. Very famous on all the social media platforms and especially on youtube this game is very well known and famous in the gaming industry.

No, doubly this game had to be in the list of the topmost downloaded mobile games 2021.

free fire


4. Among us

And finally, the game which was at the most boom in the year of 2020 when pubg mobile was banned in India. This game showed up and rapidly grew so much.

As the most popular and one of the most downloaded games in India in the last year this game was a boom. This had to come in the list of the topmost popular mobile games 2021.

And the best thing that I liked about this game is that it’s a strategy-based game and one has to be very careful and aware to play this game with strategy, and then automatically this game teaches us also how to lie.

Yes, I know that I may sound like a fool saying this but we all know that it an important and I don’t think that there’s anyone who has never lied in their life for once.

And it is just not that it teaches about how to lie properly but also how to defend yourselves against any allegations against and you fake any task and be the winner at the end of the game.

That’s why among us is in the 4th position for the top most popular mobile games 2021.

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among us

Final conclusion 

So, which is the top most popular mobile game in 2021? All the above games grew the most in India. But if we talk about India’s best-known game and the game known by more people comparatively is none other than these two games.

Pubg Mobile and Free Fire. These two games had to be the winner of today’s list which was the top most popular mobile games 2021 and no other game can beat these games in popularity.

Some games had the most download or who had the most downloads but if we are talking about the best know games in India then I have to say this that Garena free fire and pubg mobile are the best-known games because in today’s world If you ask anybody about pubg mobile or free fire 9 out of 10 that person would be aware of these games

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