Nayeem Alam UID in FF, Age, Income, Best Stats, YouTube in 2022


Nayeem Alam UID in Garena Free Fire, Real Name, Age, Income and Earnings, Best Statistics in the Game, YouTube Channel, Sensitivity Settings, Instagram handle, and much more in 2022. 

Another popular gamer and content creator of the popular Battle Royale game is Garena Free Fire by Nayeem Alam. Moreover, if you landed on this site and especially this article, then I would guess that you’re a player of this game. 

And, in addition to this, if you want to know more about this player, then my friend, you have just lighted it on the right page. Furthermore, if you’re quite a follower of the community and the popular players, you must already be familiar with this player a little bit or must’ve heard his name once. 

And, right now, at the time of writing the article, you must also know that the pro gamer has a huge audience base on his YouTube Channel, on which he creates and uploads his Youtube videos. 

Well, for now, without expanding on his introduction more, let’s get started with our today’s article on Nayeem Alam UID in Garena Free Fire; Real Name, Age, Income, and Earnings; Best Statistics in the Game; YouTube Channel; Sensitivity Settings; Instagram handle; and a lot of other stuff too that we’ll be talking about further ahead in the article. 

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Nayeem Alam’s Real Name and Age

Well, his real name is the same as his name in the game, which is Nayeem Alam, and if we talk about his age as of the present year, then he is estimated to be somewhere around 19 years old (Not Confirmed). 

Nayeem Alam Uid and IGN in FF

According to the web, Nayeem Alam’s FF ID, or you can say his user ID in the game, is 206923045 and his IGN in the game is NayeemAlam.

Nayeem Alam Uid Sensitivity Settings

  • General100
  • Red Dot – 100
  • 2x Scope – 100
  • 4x Scope – 100
  • AWM/Sniper Scope – 50

Nayeem Alam Uid Control Settings

  • Aim PrecisionDefault 
  • Left Fire Button – Scope Only 
  • Quick Weapon SwitchOff
  • Quick Reload – Off
  • AWM SnipingHold Fire to Scope 
  • Vehicle ControlsTwo-handed
  • In-Game-TipsDefault 
  • Auto Parachute – Off
  • Damage IndicatorClassic
  • Auto Switch Gun  – On 

Nayeem Alam, UID BR Stats

nayeem alam uid br stats

Nayeem Alam UID CS Stats

Well, as of now in clash squad the pro player has participated in over 680 matches and has won most of them with 454 matches won he was able to collect around 4515 kills in total out of all the matches with a final 2.80 K/D Ratio in the game. 

  • Revives – 229
  • Average Damage Per Match: 2699
  • Headshots: 2639
  • Headshot Rate: 58.45%
  • Knockdowns: 3824
  • Win Rate – 66.76%
  • MVP – 424
  • Double Kill – 651
  • Triple Kill407
  • Quadra Kill – 142

nayeem alam uid cs stats

Nayeem Alam’s YouTube Channel

Well, the pro gamer and content creator also runs a YouTube Channel by the name of GamingwithNayeem, and, as of now, it has a huge audience base, which you must already be knowledgeable about if you’re a subscriber or follower of the pro player.

Talking about the numbers, the channel has got more than 1.49 million subscribers and 359 videos uploaded on its YouTube Channel at the time of writing this article. 

And, most of the time, all of the content is just related to his Garena Free Fire videos, which include his gameplay, highlights, friendly battles, and more. 

Income from the YouTube Channel

And, if we talk about his income from the YouTube Channel, then according to Social Blade, his monthly earnings from the YouTube Channel are estimated somewhere between $241 and $3.9K. 
Similarly, if we talk about his yearly estimated earnings from the Youtube channel, then it is somewhere around $2.9K-$46.3K as of the current month. 
Well, their income depends on several factors, just like the number of views that their channel gets and many other things like the RPM, CPM, and more, which you can check out on Google for more information. 

Nayeem Alam’s Instagram handle

Well, if you wish to check out his Instagram handle, then you may check that out here. Currently, he has more than 48.4K followers on his Instagram account. 

Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on Nayeem Alam UID in Garena Free Fire, Real Name, Age, Income and Earnings, Best Statistics in the Game, YouTube Channel, Sensitivity Settings, Instagram handle, and everything else that we talked about in the article. 

And, now at the end of this post if you’ve any more queries or questions regarding this then leave them down in the comment section and if you’ve any kind of suggestions for us then you can drop them down in the comments again and we’ll see what we can do regarding it. 

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