NovaKing BGMI ID, Real Name, Age, Income, Youtube, Best Stats in 2022


Novaking BGMI ID, Real Name, Age, Income, Best Statistics in Battlegrounds Mobile India, Earnings, YouTube Channel, Content, Social Handles, and much more in 2022.

When it comes to online gaming, these famous Battle Royale or Battlegrounds games like Garena Free Fire, Pubg Mobile, and Battlegrounds Mobile India, many of us immediately think of the famous and popular players related to them.

And then the second thought that comes to our mind is their Youtube channel, which you can also call the content creation part of a Youtuber.

Well, you see, nowadays, both content creation and esports are very interlinked with each other and almost share similar thoughts and interests. 

For the most part, this is the generation, or timeline, in which both content creation (YouTube) and professional gaming (esports) coexist.

And, a very good example of this is looking at any professional gamer or content creator of Online Gaming and Battlegrounds Mobile India. Presently, I guess more than 80% of professional gamers would rather have a Youtube channel where they would publish their content or have any other streaming platform.

Moreover, their content creation is mostly the reason why the specific player is so popular and is known by thousands of people.

Well, in this article we will be talking about one of those professional esports gamers and content creators who go by the name of NovaKing, and if you stumbled upon this article somehow, then I would guess you would probably be aware of the player already.

Well, without further ado, let’s start today’s article on Novaking BGMI ID, Real Name, Age, Income, Earnings, YouTube Channel and Content, Sensitivity Settings, Control Layout and Code, Social Handles, and a lot of other things too. 

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Novaking real name and age

Well, NovaKing’s real name, apart from gaming and Youtube, is Rahul Dhankhar. If we talk about his age, then as of now, as per the web, he is somewhere around 24–25 years old. 

NovaKing BGMI ID and IGN Renewal

Well, Novaking BGMI ID or you can say his Battlegrounds Mobile user id is 565939622, and his name in the game is Novaking.

All-Time Career Stats for Novaking BGMI ID

Well, in his all-time career in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game, as per Novaking Bgmi Id, he participated in a total of 10147 matches and was able to successfully overcome 1966 wins, which is a 19.4% win rate in the game. And, the player was able to finish 6830 matches in the top 10, which is around 67.3% of the top 10 rates. And, finally, he had an average 3.32 K/D Ratio and a 15.3% accuracy in the game.

  • Headshot% – 19.7%
  • Headshots – 6616
  • AVG Damage – 564.0
  • Most Finishes – 30
  • Highest Damage – 4899
  • AVG Heals – 111.4
  • AVG Survival – 11.8m
  • AVG Traveled – 3.68KM

novaking bgmi id at stats

Novaking’s Youtube Channel

Well, the player also runs a Youtube channel by the name of Novaking, which you must already be aware of if you know the person and you follow the community well. 

And, at the time of writing this article, the Youtube channel has over 615K subscribers and 1,514 videos uploaded on the Youtube channel, with most of the content mainly related to the game only. 

Mostly, the videos are related to Battlegrounds Mobile India only, which furthermore includes his daily live streams, gameplay, highlights, friendly battles, and much more. 

Most Viewed YT Video

Increasing Earnings and Income

Well, according to Social Blade, if we talk about the monthly earnings and income from the site, it is estimated to be somewhere around $506-$8.1K and similarly, his yearly or annual estimated revenue from the platform is nearly between $6.1K and $97.1K as of the current month. 

But these numbers are never accurate or stable and keep on changing as per the statistics of the content creator’s Youtube channel. Here’s how this works. 

As the creator will create and produce more and more content, slowly and gradually he starts to get more views and, ultimately, channel growth, and this all results in the increase of a Youtuber’s income basically. 

Well, if you want to explain it more deeply, many other things also decide the income of a YouTuber and not just the number of views the channel gets. So for that, you can search it online and you’ll get some really good answers and knowledge. 

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Social Handles

Final Verdict

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on Novaking BGMI ID, Real Name, Age, Income, Best Statistics in Battlegrounds Mobile India, Earnings, YouTube Channel, Content, Social Handles, and everything else that we talked about in the article. 

So, now if you’ve got any more queries or questions left with you then kindly drop them down in the comment section and we’ll get back to it quickly with the answer to your questions.

And, all of the numbers discussed above are taken at the time of writing the article so they can also be changed a little bit because of the different times. 

Well, if you found the above article helpful and valuable then kindly do share it with your BGMI and Pubg Mobile friends letting them know about the player, and about us also.

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