OP Vincenzo ID, Real Name, Age, Income, Best Stats in 2022


OP Vincenzo ID, Real Name, Age, Income, YouTube Channel, Most Watched YT VID, Statistics in the Game, Sensitivity Settings, Social Handles in 2022.

Op Vincenzo is another great player in the Garena Free Fire community who is well known for his outstanding gameplay and performance in the game, especially for his amazing headshots and one-tap.

Even though Vincenzo isn’t from India, even in our country, he is one of those famous Garena Free Fire players who is the most widespread, and the viewers like to watch him.

Well, it’s because of his performance in the game, and for sure, his content creation part on YouTube, which is also one of those most important factors when it comes to the player’s popularity and which answers the query of why is Vincenzo so famous.

Indeed, more about this later on in the article, but right now let’s start with today’s article on OP Vincenzo ID, Real Name, Age, Income, YouTube Channel, Most Watched YT VID, Statistics in the game, Sensitivity Settings, and a lot of other stuff too. So, stay tuned till the very end of the article to know everything that we’ll discuss in it.

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OP Vincenzo’s Real Name and Age

Before starting the article, let’s know his real name and age. So, according to the web, Vincenzo’s real name is Muhammad Farukh and he is 24 years old.

OP Vincenzo ID and IGN in FF

So, Op Vincenzo Free Fire ID is 437144862, and his in-game name is OP VINBLUS.

Sensitivity Settings of OP Vincenzo ID

  • General – 0
  • Red Dot – 30
  • 2x Scope- 75
  • 4x Scope – 30
  • AWM/Sniper – 0
  • Free Look – 0

Note: These are the PC sensitivity settings of the player as per OP Vincenzo Free Fire ID. As a result, if you prefer to play the game on a computer rather than a mobile device, it may or may not work for you.

Then you can go ahead with these sensitivity settings. If you want to find the best sensitivity settings for you, then you can go into the training ground and then change them a little bit.

Stats for Classic Op Vincenzo ID


In the solo category, the player has played a total of 1130 games, with around 100 successful wins among all of the total matches played, and has collected around 2818 kills in total. The pro player finished 528 games in the top, equalizing 46.73% of the top 10 percent, with his last K/D Ratio of 2.74 in the game.


In total, players played nearly 1712 games, with around 298 wins among all of these matches, for a successful total of 5015 kills gathered. He finished with 639 games in the Top 5, which is a pretty decent 37.32% of the Top 5 Rate and a final 3.55 K/D Ratio in the game.


In the squad, I think the player performed the most and gave his best as per the stats because with his quad he played 19876 total games, which is just amazing and with 3428 total wins and 71189 kills in full.

The player finished around 5331 games in the top 3, which is 26.82% of the top 3 rates and the final and last 4.33 of his K/D Ratio in the game. Well, there was the Ranked Classic Stats for Vincenzo ID in FF, check out the CS stats down below.

Op Vincenzo ID Clash Squad Stats

Coming to his Clash Squad stats, then according the to Vincenzo Free Fire ID in which the player was a little bit active, not the most, I would say, because of only 961 games played in total, with 561 wins out of all the matches, and a final KDA of 2.13 in the game. Well, that was the CS Stats of the pro player as per Vinenzo ID in FF, and you can check out the Ranked Stats above.

  • Revives – 701
  • Average Damage Per Match: 3811
  • Headshots: 4153
  • Headshot Rate: 56.14%
  • Knockdowns: 6475
  • Win Rate – 58.38%
  • MVP -434
  • Double Kill – 1222
  • Triple Kill – 350
  • Quadra Kill – 137

Op Vincenzo’s YouTube Channel

Well, how can we forget about the pro gamer’s YouTube Channel? So if you’re a follower of the community and the popular players in the game, then you must be familiar with his YouTube Channel.

which the pro player usually does his content creation part. Well, Vincenzo also has a YouTube channel and if we talk about the numbers, then his channel has got over 6.86M subscribers and 470 videos uploaded at the time of writing the article.

And, if we talk about the whole, then, for the most part, the content just revolves around gaming and especially Garena Free Fire, with videos related to his gameplay, highlights, and that’s it.

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Op Vincenzo Income from the YouTube Channel

According to Social Blade, his estimated monthly revenue generated from his YouTube channel is nearly around $477-$7.6K, and his yearly earnings from his YouTube channel are estimated somewhere between $5.7K and $91.6K as of the current month.

His income depends on his YouTube channel’s growth and the number of views it gets. And, so that’s why a content creator’s income is never stable and consistent. If a person gains more views one month and less the next, his/her income will also be more or less dependent on that particular month.

And, it’s just not about views only but other factors also, just like their CPM, niche, ads, and a lot of other factors. When combined, they are responsible for their income and revenue.

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Op Vincenzo’s Most Watched YT Video

Well, out of all the videos that the content creator uploaded on his YouTube Channel, the most-watched and viewed video is his gameplay only. And, it has gotten over 47M+ views and 1.8M+ likes at the time of writing the article.

OP Vincenzo ID Social Handles

Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on OP Vincenzo dID, Real Name, Age, Income, YouTube Channel, Most Watched YT VID, Statistics in the Game, Sensitivity Settings, and Social Handles in 2022.

And, for more such articles just like this, then make sure to check out our Garean Free Fire Popular Players category. We have a bunch of other players covered on our site.

Now if you have any more questions or queries that you wish to clear regarding the blog post of today on OP Vincenzo ID or the site in general then do leave a comment down below.

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