Playerzon App Promo Code, Best Guide, Download, R & E, and more in 2022.


Playerzon App Promo code, Guide, Download, Refer and Earn, Stats, Featurers and much more in 2022. Playerzon Application which is also well-known as one of the most popular and famous Battlegrounds Mobile India and Garena Free Fire online gaming tournament apps. 

It was one of the first applications which were introduced in the Online Gaming Industry of India and especially in the sector of the Play and Earn or the Tournament applications. 

And, if you’re a frequent and regular player of the game, and now you have some experience in the game till now or you must be playing these games even right now also, then you must be familiar with some of the things. 

How these tournament applications contain the idea of Money earned per kill, entry fee, and all those other main terms and conditions. Well, not only playerzon but there are other applications also that share a similar interest, and if I have to name a few of them, then they would be MyTournament, GamerZon, Hpl Hydra, etc. 

Well, that was the introduction part of the article, and for now, without further delaying the article, let’s get started with our today’s article without stretching out the intro part on the Playezon App promo code, How to Download, Refer and Earn, Statistics and Features, All the Games Available, Review, and much more in 2022. 

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Playerzon App Promo Code

Well, first of all, the promo code, so if you’ll search on the web the query “Playerzon App Promo Code”. From the official website of playerzon, they stated that you can signup with the Promo code “PZANV” and you’ll get ₹10 as Signup Bonus to Play Upcoming Contests.”

Moreover, you can play matches with this signup bonus and then win some real cash, so if you excel in your first match of the application and tournament, then by winning some starting money you can earn some real cash afterward also. 
But you can also generate your own player zon promo code in the playerzon applications by going into the refer and earn section in your app as shown. Well, you can get to know more about it in the refer and earn section. 
Well, I guess you can play the tournaments for free and also earn money from it, and that too for free with the playerzon app promo code option. You just have to register with the playerzon app promo code of someone or the code given above, make sure you perform well in the first match, win some money, and then play more tournaments with that money that you’ve earned. 

Playerzon App Games Available

First of all one of the most significant things to know about the applications before playing a real tournament is which games are available in the application. 

And, more importantly, do I fit in the criteria to play the game and the tournament. Well, if we talk about the games available in the Playerzon Application, then you can play tournaments of Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI, Garena Free Fire, and the Call of Duty Mobile

And, if we talk about the terms and conditions, then make sure you’re not an emulator player, using any type of hacks, and mainly these are the terms, but I will highly suggest you check out their Terms & Conditions and the Fair Play policy because you’ll have a clear understanding of the app and how does it work. 

games available

Playerzon App Download on Android

Well, if you’re an Android user and you want to play the game on your android device then it’s pretty simple for you, just follow the steps given down below and you will be good to go.

  • Go to the official Website of Playerzon
  • And, just press the download button and you’re good to go

You can download the APK from there and then fully install the playerzon application on your mobile device. Just create a new account or log in and you’re ready to play. 

Playezon App IOS Download

Well, for our IOS friends, we reached out to the playerzon members and contacted them regarding this query or not only me but many other players and our readers.

So, Currently, PlayerZon Application is only available for Android and they are also working on the IOS Version. Until it is made available for iPhone or IOS users, there’s one thing that you can do. 

Here is what you have to do, Grab any android device from your Friend or Family and Download PlayerZon application in it. Register a new account and then select the match which you want to play and then play using your iOS device.

Right now, this is the best solution that could be done in this kind of situation, and also what they told us to follow if you’re an IOS user. You just have to register for the match on your android device and join the room with your IOS device, it’s that simple. 

playerzon app contact

Playerzon App Refer & Earn

Remember how I told you about the promo code and signup bonus in the game above, well we also mentioned the word Refer & Earn there, which means that you share the application with others with your referral link or code. 

After that when the user registers with your referral link or code and plays their first match you get a bonus of some amount of rupees. And, the more you share or refer the more you can earn and then play more tournaments with the money you earned. 

So, you’ll get your referral code in the application or you can see the image down below for more clear understanding. And, check out their Refer and Earn page for more information regarding the topic. 

playerzon refer and earn

Playerzon App Stats and Features


  • 10,00,000+ players joined 
  • 4.5 User Ratings 
  • 10,000+ Tournaments Completed 
  • ₹ 1,25,51,767+ Worth Rewards Won by Users


  • Join Custom Tournaments
  • Get Prizes on Each Kills & Chicken Dinner
  • Play with your Real Friends
  • Highlights of Tournaments
  • Live Streaming
  • Get Rewards Directly in Paytm Cash

Playerzon App Review

Well, I have to give a final Playerzon App Review then I would say the application is one of the best applications when it comes to the Best Battle Royale Tourament Applications, and the playerzon app promo code with the refer and earn option in the app makes it more interesting. 

Some of our team members have also played the tournaments which are held in the game which makes it easier to provide you with the best knowledge of the application. 

Well, overall if you are a good player in the game and you have the skills to become a pro player in the game, then go for it, join the live tournaments, and will some real cash. 

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Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article Playezon App promo code, How to Download, Refer and Earn, Statistics and Features, All the Games Available, Review, and much more in 2022. 

Now, if you’ve any more queries or questions regarding anything related to the article on the playerzon app promo code, the review, refer and earn, or even any other query which relates to the site, make sure you leave it down in the comments section for us and we’ll be responding to you as quickly as we can with your answer of course. 

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