Pubg mobile vs Free fire which is best 2022


Well, both of these games have such big popularity in the whole gaming community in India and Pubg Mobile vs Free Fire which is best is a big question nowadays. Before starting the answer I would like to tell you that both of these games are best in their places and every person has their point of view.

I am not saying any particular game is the best but we will discuss some points which are for eg. better in pubg and some which are better in the free-fire so then you can decide for yourself which game you like that the other one.

We’ll first discuss some basic things like graphics and if there is a need for a gaming device and then we will discuss the in-game features like the maps and the weapons etc. Also, check out the best grips and attachments in the pubg and bgmi.

Pubg mobile vs Free fire


Pubg mobile vs Free Fire which is best top 5 differences

#1 Size of the game

Free fire

If you need a game that doesn’t need more space and is a battle royale, no other game is better than the free fire. The size of the Free Fire for most Android devices is around 644 MB, and for some devices, the update size is 390 MB. For iOs devices, the game is about 800 MB.

So you don’t need to worry about the space in the free fire. A very important factor to compare between both of the games.

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Pubg Mobile

In pubg mobile, you need at least 2 to 2.5 GB of free space in your mobile to install the game. When you install the game from the play store, it’s about 1.8 GB, but when you download the maps and all the other stuff, it will round up to 2.5 GBs of space.

The good news is that in the new battlegrounds mobile India the game size is only near 700 MB so that’s a great thing right here.

#2 Graphics

Free fire

If we talk about the graphics in the free-fire it’s not that bad but also not that good I mean the game size is only 800 MB so according to that, it’s worth it. The game’s graphics are moderate.

Pubg mobile

Whereas in pubg mobile I think the best thing only is the graphics. Such beautiful graphics the game has. You can always change the graphics to smooth or HD or HDR according to your need and the graphics are also at our next level you would definitely be so satisfied with the graphics in this game.

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#3 Need of a good device

Free Fire

This game is not a very heavy game like the other one and it doesn’t need a very good device for playing. You can really play well in a medium-range device near ₹10,000 and it will really work well if you want to know the Best Phones for gaming under 15k for gaming and if you have a more budget then you can always check out the Best Phones for gaming under 20k for gaming and also in the more expensive range. Well, all of these are available in the best mobiles category on our site.

Pubg Mobile

The pubg mobile or the bgmi is really a heavy game need and it needs a good device with minimum device requirements like 6GB RAM and 64 GB storage these kind of devices are available in the range of ₹14,999.

#4 Maps

Free fire

Well, the game has only three modes which are Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. In the ranked mode, only two maps are available Bermuda and Purgatory. The maps are also very small as compared to the maps in pubg mobile.

Pubg Mobile

Whereas In Pubg Mobile, the variety of the maps is more you get 6 modes: Erangel, Sanhok, Livik, Vikendi, Miramar, and the new mode, the karkain. And the two maps in the arena are the Hangar and the Wharehouse.

#5 Weapons and vehicles

Free Fire

If free fire there are not as many weapons as compared to the Pubg mobile free fire lacks in the varieties of the guns for eg. If we talk about the snipers we get more varieties in the pubg mobile and not in the free fire and if we talk about the vehicles also pubg mobile has way more vehicles than the free fire.

Pubg Mobile

You get varieties of guns and vehicles in the game the most exciting one is the new glider which is new in the erangel map. There are comparatively more weapons in pubg mobile than the free fire and in terms of weapons and vehicles, this point goes to pubg mobile-only, and check out 5 best assault rifles in BGMI or PUBG check this out here.

Final Words

So, Pubg mobile vs free fire which is best, and what the conclusion

The simple answer to this question Pubg mobile vs free fire which is best is that both the games are best in their places and here’s how. Free fire is a game that is best for a person with a low-end device because the requirements of the game are less than the pubg mobile whereas the requirements of the pubg mobile are way more than free fire.

So, that’s a thing and if you can afford a good device and wants to play a game with more varieties and good graphics then the pubg mobile is always there out for you.

I hope now your doubts are clear. And see at the end of this you have to decide for yourself and everybody has their own opinions, So, no one can say that pubg mobile is the best or free fire is the best.

They both are the player’s favorite and everybody loves to play both of these games. So, in the end, it depends on you. The only question is what do you see in a game when you are gonna play any game. Like which are the factors that you see before playing any game.

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