Top 5 Best BGMI and Pubg Tournament App Download in 2022

Well, isn’t it great if side by side playing your favorite games you can earn money as well? Yeah, it would be a great opportunity for every gamer, you must be thinking.

Well, there are some applications that offer you to earn money by participating in their room matches of different games like BGMI, Pubg Mobile, and Garena Free Fire.

These room matches usually happen on a daily basis, and if you secure your positions between the Top 3 in the match with some good number of kills you can earn the money.

Well, that’s what we would be discussing in today’s article on the best pubg tournament app download with a free signup bonus. 

pubg tournament app download

Here’s the list of the Top 5 Best Pubg Tournament App download 

1. My tournament App

Available on the play store this app gives you your first signup bonus of ₹10 and then you can participate in the daily tournaments here.

Every day at 9 pm this app helds a tournament and your first join would be free as you would have your signup bonus if you are thinking that you would be able to play only one tournament then don’t worry about it.

The trick that I used to do to earn money for participating in the tournaments is that I used to refer people and for one refer you earn I think so 10INR so that’s a good trick you can always use yourself and you need not worry about the money anymore.

At least just refer 4-5 people and you would have 30-40 rupees and then simply participate in the tournament and try to win that and by doing this you would have 50-60 rupees after winning the tournament and if you have any referral bonus also then you could have more money.

And if we talk about the difficulty level of the match then I would say it’s medium. If you play the game often then you can win the match very easily. So, overall this app is a must include in the list of the pubg tournament app download.

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2. Gamerzon

This is also a good tournament app in terms of playing and I myself use this similarly, in this app also you get the free signup bonus and by referring the people you can definitely get some money from over there and then participate in the tournament.

This app gives you multiple tournaments and not only one so definitely check this out this app is not available on the play store so you would have to download it from google. 

3. Gamercity

This app I will call the best app in terms of free tournaments. You will get plenty of free tournaments in this app but unfortunately, this app is also not available in the google play store so you would have to download it from chrome only.

One of the best pubg tournament app downloads that I found till now. Why is it so? because of the free tournaments in it. In gamercity, you can get up to 3-5 free matches and the winning prize is also good.

That’s why this app is one of the best and the only reason why I didn’t put this app in the no. 1 position is because of the user experience in it.

I found this app a bit more difficult to use than the others while if we talk about any other app the user experience is good and the apps are easy to use. Also, check out the best grips and attachments in pubg mobile or battlegrounds mobile India. 

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4. Hpl hydra

This is also a good tournament app and gives you multiple matches all the matches are available for squad or duo or solo and like the other apps you can also refer your friends and family and can earn some signup bonus although this app also gives you signup money more points you can definitely refer and earn and I suggest you do it. 

5. Riser battle

This is another app for the tournaments and is very similar to the hpl hydra. This is also not available on the play store so download it from chrome and every kind of match is available solo, duo, squad whichever you want to play.

If you want to know you can and the good side of this app is that it also gives you multiple tournaments like the other apps so you don’t have to worry about the matches as multiple of them are available. 

 In the settings section, you will get your referral code and by just sharing it with others you can also earn the referral bonus. And if you want to add money to the app then the process is very simple and easy. One of the best pubg tournament apps downloads 2021.

Final words

Well, now you must be aware of the best pubg tournament app download now and can try these applications according to you and which fits the best for you. And, you are thinking that how will you earn the money if you once lose the match.
 Well, one way is you can directly add the money via different methods but the free method is that the best thing which I liked about these applications is that most of them have to refer and earn earning method in them.

So, with refer and earn you can earn the signup bonuses, and then with this signup money now you can play more room matches and win money from them if you are short on some cash at the moment. 

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