Pubg vs BGMI Which is Better in 2022, Top 7 Differences!!!


So, as the new BGMI game is launched and the audience is also very excited to see the new game and the changes that are there, or like pubg vs bgmi which is better and you must have seen all the new tournaments and launch parties are organized for this game.

The excitement of this game is on the next level. Therefore some of the questions that come to the mind of players are, that pubg vs bgmi which is better exactly and what are the differences between the new game and the previous one.

So, if we take a rough look then there’s not much change in both of the games but then also there are some of the differences which are there among both.

So, let’s take a closer look at this article and clear all your doubts regarding the pubg vs bgmi which is better, differences between both of the games, and in this blog, we would only discuss the changes or differences only.

Well, as in the first sight of the game it is pretty much similar to the pubg mobile for eg, all the clothes, or basic layout or if it is the maps almost everything is same but some things are changed in the new battlegrounds mobile India or the BGMI.

So, let’s start this article on Pubg VS Bgmi Which is Better with the Top 7 Differences and among them our first difference which is the most important factor also and it also concerns the most between people which is the game size.

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Pubg vs BGMI Which is Better, Top 7 Differences!

1. Game size

The only big difference which draws my attention the most is that the BGMI game size is only approximately 700MBs only whereas if we see the game size of Pubg Mobile then it is around 1.8 GBs.

So, that’s a really great difference between the pubg vs bgmi which is better in the terms of the size of both of the games.

2. Only Indian server is available     

In pubg mobile, we used to have an option where we can change our server according to ourselves to any region for eg. North America or some other. But in BGMI we cannot change our server. Only an Indian server is available here.

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3. Change in the name 

Earlier when in Pubg mobile the name on the things such as a coupon crate was written as player unknowns battlegrounds but in the new game, the name on several things is written as battlegrounds mobile India. So, this is one change in the game where the name of the things is changed.

4. Some exclusive rewards

There are some extra rewards for the players of battlegrounds mobile India. You will get some coupon crates when the game will reach 1M downloads and 5M downloads. In the rewards section, you will see some of the exclusive rewards when the game hits 1M downloads and 5M downloads, and so on.

5. Change in the management system

When you go to the settings in the game and in the other sections you will find the gameplay management system and if you are above 18yrs then you can do it, yes and if you are below the age limit then you have to select no.

The change is that when you select no it will ask you your guardian mobile number which is totally different from the pubg mobile and I guess this is also a very important step in order to maintain everything right in the game.

This is a new difference between pubg and battlegrounds mobile India which is introduced to us.

6. You finish the enemy instead of killing 

In the game when you kill an enemy it would always show you that you finished the enemy instead of killing. Whereas in pubg mobile it is shown as you killed the enemy.

For example, if you kill an enemy in pubg mobile in the kill feed section of the game it will show that you killed XYZ enemy but it’s not like that in bgmi in bgmi if you kill an enemy the kill feed would be like you defeated XYZ enemy.

So, this is a change in the kill feed of the game where killed is replaced with defeated. A very new and different kind of difference between pubg and battlegrounds mobile India it is.

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7. Changes in the spawn island

When you enter the spawn island in the 1min waiting time. A girl speaks something about the gameplay system and also a new board is also added in the spawn island and when you board the plane it will show to enter the virtual world.

All the changes are done by the government only so that the players don’t take the game so seriously. Not a big difference between pubg and battlegrounds mobile India.

So, now I think you must be clear with your question that pubg vs bgmi which is better and now you know the differences between both the games.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, this was all about the changes that were recently made in the new game.

And, now hopefully now you would be out of any type of queries of yours and finally, you’re confident about the new Pubg vs BGMI Which is Better with the Top 7 Differences and could finally decide for yourself according to these differences that

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