PVS Gaming UID, Real Name, Free Fire, Income, Stats, Best YT VID in 2022


PVS Gaming UID in Free Fire, Real Name, Income, Statistics in FF, YouTube Channel and Content, Sensitivity Settings, Best YT VID, Guild, Social Handles, Most Watched YT Video, and much more in 2022. 

Well, with the rising interest in online gaming in India many content creators and Esports gamers are coming out and representing themselves. 

Then it doesn’t matter if it’s by publishing content on their social media handles or by winning competitive matches. And, with this amazing growth of our gaming industry, hundreds and thousands of people are looking to join it or participate and become a member of it.

And, that’s why a lot of people started to play these games and watch videos related to them. Especially the online gaming industry is at its boom nowadays that’s why every gamer and player is talking about them. 

Well, if we talk about India, then mainly there are two games that are outperforming any other in the Online Gaming and Esports niche in our country.

And, if you stumbled upon this article you may already be familiar with both of these games which are Battlegrounds Mobile India and Garena Free Fire. 

And, today we’re going to talk about one of those popular Garena Free Fire players of India who is PVS Gaming. So, without wasting any further time and lengthening the Introduction part let’s just get started with our today’s article on PVS Gaming Uid, Free Fire IGN, and much more as of the present year which is 2022. 

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PVS Gaming Real Name 

Well, PVS Gaming is also known as Hari Raman who is a gamer as well as a Garena Free Fire Content Creator with a huge audience base on YouTube.

He is well-known for his FF gameplays and content in the gaming community of India, a player who is born in the Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu but now is a well-acknowledged gamer and content creator. 

PVS Gaming Uid and Level 

Well, after a little bit of Introduction about PVS Gaming real name, let’s give look at his user id in the game. So, PVS Gaming’s Free Fire Uid is 63725581 and his In-game-name is PVS Gaming and his In-Game-Level is 72 currently. 

PVS Gaming Uid Guild 

Well, currently PVS Gaming is in the guild named PVS Army and his guild’s Id is 65165738. The glory of his guild is 2639940 and the leader of his guild is SlumberQueen with a level of 78 presently in the game. 

PVS Gaming UID Sensitivity Settings

  • General – 93
  • Red dot – 95
  • 2x Scope – 97 
  • 4x Scope – 96 
  • AWM/Sniper Scope – 23

Note – These sensitivity settings of PVS Gaming Uid are set according to him and his gameplay. It’s not assured that these settings would definitely work for you maybe or maybe not. But you can set these settings to try them out in the training zone and then change them a little bit if you feel you should and then you’ll have the best sensitivity settings for you. 

PVS Gaming Uid BR Stats 


Well, in solo the pro player has played a total of 1175 games with successful 109 wins among them all and collecting around 3625 kills in total. He finished around 430 matches in the Top which is equal to a 38.60% of Top 10 Rate and at last a final K/D Ratio of 3.40. 


In duo the pro player played nearly 1007 total matches and won around 164 games among them all and was able to gather around 2234 kills. PVS Gaming managed to finish 377 matches in the Top 5 maintaining a pretty decent 37.44% of Top 5 Rate and a final 2.65 of K/D Ratio in the game.


In Squad, according to the stats in pvs gaming’s free fire uid he perofmed well with around 11892 games played and winning around 2547 among them and collecting a total of 31858 kills among these all. PVS Gaming finished 4038 matches in the Top 3 almost winning those games with a 33.96% of Top 3 and a final 3.41 amazing K/D Ratio at last.  

pvs gaming br stats

PVS Gaming Uid CS Stats

In clash squad PVS Gaming Uid participated in 2664 games and successfully overcome around 1547 matches among them all with collecting 12540 kills in all of the games and at last with a 1.65 of KDA in the game. 

  • Revives – 1308 
  • AVG Damage Per Match – 2172
  • Headshots – 5055
  • Headshot Rate – 40.31%
  • Knockdowns – 11325
  • Win Rate – 58.07%
  • MVP – 916
  • Double Kill – 2176
  • Triple Kill – 590
  • Quadra Kill – 150

pvs gaming free fire cs stats

PVS Gaming YouTube Channel 

Well, as I also mentioned above that with rising interest in these famous battleground games in our nation a lot of content creators are also evolving and growing and one of them is PVS Gaming

And, along the lines, if we talk about the numbers then at the time of writing the artitcle the YouTube Channel has more than 2.31M subscribers and 1,116 videos uploaded on the channel right now. 

And, most of the content on PVS’s gaming channel is in Tamil only so I guess if you’re not familiar with the language then you have to struggle a little bit. 

The pro-gamer doesn’t only stop here but he also has another YouTube channel by the name of PVS ARMY where he uploads his live streams and gameplay. 

PVS Gaming Most Watched YT VID

Well, till now on PVS Gaming’s YouTube Channel he has uploaded lots and lots of videos but do you know which one is the most-watched upload on his channel and how many views did it get, well, probably not. 

So, I would like to tell you that the most popular video on his YouTube Channel is his gloo wall video. The YouTube video has received more than 2.7M+ Views and 124k likes currently. 

PVS Gaming Income from YouTube 

Well, with the help of the social blade we can find out the content creator’s monthly and yearly earnings depending on the views and the channel growth of the creator. 

So, according to the data, I can tell you that PVS Gaming’s monthly earnings are estimated to be around nearly $1.1K  –  $17.6K, and his yearly earnings from the YouTube Channel are estimated at around $13.2K  –  $211.2K as of the present month.

Well, this income really depends on the creator’s channel growth and the number of views he is getting on his YouTube Channel. So, it can also be more and less as per the views. 

PVS Gaming’s Social Handles

Final Answer

Well, readers that was just all about PVS Gaming UID in Free Fire, Real Name, Income, Statistics in FF, YouTube Channel and Content, Sensitivity Settings, Best YT VID, Guild, Social Handles, Most Watched YT Video, and every other thing that you read about in this article. 

Well, if you’ve any kind of queries or questions regarding PVS Gaming Free Fire Uid or any other then let us know then in the comment section and we’ll check it out definitely. And, also if you’ve any suggestions drop them down and we’ll definitely get right back to it

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