Rakesh00007 UID, Real Name, Age, State, Best Stats, YouTube in 2022


Rakesh00007 uid, Real Name, Age, State, Best Statistics in the Game, YouTube Channel and Content, Most Viewed YT Video, Income and Revenue, Social Handles, and much more in 2022

Well, another great gamer and content creator of the online gaming community of India, and especially when it comes to battle royale games like FF and BGMI, aka Garena Free Fire and Battlegrounds Mobile India, he is one of those popular players.

And, in this case, Rakesh0007 is a famous and well-acknowledged Garena Free Fire pro gamer and a content creator who is well-known for his great performance in the game and the gaming videos that he uploads on his YouTube Channel.

So, that was just the introduction of the player, and for now, without stretching out this part more, let’s talk about starting the article and discussing more Rakesh00007 UID, Real Name, Age, State, Best Statistics in the Game, YouTube Channel, and Content, Most Watched YT Video, Income and Revenue, Social Handles, and a lot of other stuff in today’s post.

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Rakesh0007 Name and Age

Well, according to the web, Rakesh0007’s name is Rakesh Shetty, but his age is not available and is yet to be updated as of right now. As soon as it’s out, we’ll provide you with it.

Rakesh0007 Logo

So, if you search on the web for anything related to Rakesh0007, you’ll find many people are also interested in the player’s logo, which means his YouTube Channel’s logo, which is also given down below.

Rakesh0007 UID in Game

So, coming to the primary point of the article, which is his Garena Free Fire user id or Rakesh00007 Uid, which is 47282554, and if we talk about his name in the game, then it is Bot00007.

Rakesh00007 UID Sensitivity Settings

  • General – 100
  • Red Dot – 90
  • 2x Scope – 91
  • 4x Scope – 94
  • AWM Scope/Sniper Scope – 44

BR Stats for Rakesh00007 Uid

rakesh00007 br stats

Rakesh00007 Uid CS Stats

rakesh00007 cs stats

Rakesh00007 YouTube Channel

Well, with gaming, his content creation is one of those important factors that made him who he is today. I mean, without his gaming career and, of course, his YouTube Channel, he wouldn’t be as successful as he is today.

And, at the time of writing the article, which means right now, he has a huge audience base on his YouTube Channel. Well, looking at the numbers, I can tell you that currently, the channel has got more than 833K subscribers and 593 videos uploaded on his YouTube Channel, which is just amazing and very close to a million Youtube audience.

Well, for most of the time, the content just revolves around Garena Free Fire only with videos such as his gameplays, highlights, and other games, but mostly FF only.

Income from the YouTube Channel

So, according to Social Blade, Rakesh0007’s estimated monthly income from the YouTube channel is nearly around $395, and if we talk about his yearly estimated income from his YouTube channel, then in this case it’s somewhere around $4.7K as of the current month.

Well, you may also find these numbers a bit low because they depend on the current statistics of the YouTube channel. Here’s how this works. If a content creator keeps on making more and more videos and creating content, then his statistics for the channel will also increase.

And, by statistics, I simply mean the number of views that the channel gets and the overall growth of the channel. And, if it’s good, then the income will be more, and if it’s not, then the income will be less also.

Most Viewed YouTube Video

Instagram username Rakesh0007

At the time of writing this article, Rakesh0007 has more than 49k followers on his Instagram handle, which you may check out if you wish to.

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Final Words

Indeed, readers, this was our present article on Rakesh0007 UID, Real Name, Age, State, Best Statistics in the Game, YouTube Channel and Content, Most Watched YT Video, Income and Revenue, Social Handles, and everything else that we talked about in the article.

Currently, and now, if you have any queries or questions about the article on Rakesh00007 UID or anything else, leave them in the comment section and we’ll audit them and respond to them as soon as we can.

Additionally, for more articles very much like this one, you can look at our Garena Free Fire popular players section on the site. A lot of other popular players in the community are also covered out there.

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