Ron Gaming BGMI ID, Real Name, Income, Best Stats, YouTube, Social in 2022


Ron Gaming Bgmi Id, Real Name, Age, Income, Statistics in Bgmi, YouTube Channel and Content, Most Watched YT Vid, Instagram, and much more in 2022. 

Well, this tremendous growth of the gaming and especially the online gaming industry has completely changed the perspective of the youth and even the young people of India towards gaming. 

At present gaming is one of the biggest industries in our nation and is also one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. The mentioned in one of their articles that many online gamers in India grew from nearly 250 million gamers in 2018 to about 400 million by the mid of 2020 which is just incredible on a whole another level. 

And, that’s why we must be updated on the latest online gaming tutorials, reviews, popular players, and much more. Well, that’s where our website comes from. 

What we’re going to discuss in this article?

And, that’s why with this rising interest and popularity of online gaming many people started to create content also on it. And, in addition to this, people loved to watch the content they created and which is pretty much what we’re going to talk about in this article. 

One of those famous content creators is Ron Gaming. At present when it comes to GTA 5 or Battlegrounds Mobile India then Ron Gaming is one of the best-known and most popular content creators in our gaming community. 

And, if you stumbled upon this article somehow then you must be already familiar with this name or must’ve heard his name once at least. Well, without extending out the Introduction part let’s get started with our today’s article on Ron Gaming Bgmi Id, Income, Real Name, YouTube, and much more as of the present year which is 2022. 

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Ron Gaming Real Name and Age

Well, besides from gaming and his content creation side were you aware of ron gaming’s real name, well, I guess probably not. Even then no worries, I would like to tell you that on gaming’s actual name is Ronak Makhodia and his age is estimated to be at around 24 years as of the present year which is 2022. 

Ron Gaming Bgmi Id and IGN

Well, after a little bit about him and his introduction let’s look at Ron Gaming’s Bgmi ID. So, according to the web, we found out that ron gaming’s bgmi id is 5102099001 and his IGN is 彡EAGLE彡RON in Bgmi. 

Ron Gaming Bgmi Id All-Time Career Stats

Well, as per Ron Gaming Bgmi Id the pro player has played a total of 4098 matches in his All-Time Carrer of Battlegrounds Mobile India and has successfully won 995 matches which is equal to a 24.3% of Win Ratio. 

Ron finished nearly 2947 matches in the Top 10 maintaining a 71.90% of Top 10 Rate and collecting a total of 16680 Finishes in the game with a 4.07 F/D Ratio in the game and a final 15.9% of Accuracy in the game. 

  • Headshot% – 20.9%
  • Headshots – 3484
  • AVG Damage – 671.8
  • Most Finishes – 22
  • Highest Damage – 3090
  • AVG Heals – 125.7
  • AVG Survival – 16.8m
  • AVG Traveled – 5.51KM

antaryami gaming stats

Ron Gaming YouTube Channel 

If we talk about his YouTube Channel then the content creation and the gaming part just go side by side only. Well, currently Ron Gaming has a huge audience base on his YouTube Channel RON GAMING

And, at the time of writing the article, the YouTube Channel has more than 4.49M subscribers and 1,433 videos uploaded on his channel presently and he also has another channel by the name of Ron Gaming Videos where mainly gameplay videos are uploaded between a time duration of 15mins – 20mins. 

Well, all of these readings are taken at the time of writing the article and that’s why it can also be more and less depending on the time which you’re viewing his channel and the channel’s growth also.

Ron Gaming YT Content 

When you’ll surf his YouTube Channel you’ll find that Ron Gaming has a vast interest when it comes to gaming and content creation. 

Besides Battlegrounds Mobile India and GTA V, the pro gamer is also interested in other popular games just like Pacify, Fall Guys, Golf with your friends, very popular Minecraft, Among Us, and much more. 

Well, if you wish to know the full list then I would suggest you check out his playlist section of the channel and there you can find a bunch of other games also. 

As per his YouTube Channel’s content, you can observe that ron keeps on trying new games and exploring every niche in gaming but not only this the content creator is also passionate about vlogging and you can easily find his vlogging videos on his channel. 

Although, for most of his YouTube channels mainly games like Battlegrounds Mobile India, GTA V, and Minecraft are played the most and which is also one of the reasons why Ron Gaming is so well-known and popular. 

Ron Gaming Most Watched YouTube Video

Well, now that you know a little bit about Ron Gaming’s YouTube Channel statistics and content let’s look at some of his popular uploads.

So, till now ron has uploaded nearly 1,433 videos on his YouTube Channel as mentioned above and among all of them the most popular YT Video till now is his, “I met a hacker and asked him to fly my car in pubg mobile”. The YouTube video has received more than 26M+ Views and 363K likes at the time of writing the article. 

Ron Gaming Income 

Well, one of the most asked questions regarding Ron Gaming is about his Income and Earnings from his YouTube Channel. So, according to the social blade if we talk about his main channel then its monthly earnings are estimated to be at around $1.7K  –  $26.9K and the yearly earnings are estimated at nearly $20.2K  –  $323.1K as per the current month. 

And, if we see his second channel then its monthly generated revenue is estimated to be nearly at around $1K  –  $16.1K and the yearly estimated earnings are at around $12.1K  –  $193.1K and for total, you can just add both of them and then get your final answer. 

Well, these earnings are taken during writing this article so that’s why after some time the revenue can also be more and less according to his YouTube Channel’s growth and the number of views on his channel. 

Ron Gaming Social Handles 

FAQs related to Ron Gaming Bgmi Id

How many games does Ron gaming play?
According to his YouTube Channel Ron Gaming almost plays more than 20+ games that you can find on his YouTube Channel. 
What is Ron gaming Bgmi ID?
Ron Gaming’s Bgmi Id is 5102099001 and his Ign in Battlegrounds Mobile India is 
Who is the owner of Ron gaming?
Ronak Makhodia aka Ron gaming is a gamer and content creator who runs two YouTube Channels by the name of Ron Gaming and Ron Gaming Videos. 
What is his income from Ron gaming?
Well, according to social blade ron gaming’s monthly earnings are estimated to be at around $1.7K  –  $26.9K, and the yearly earnings are estimated at nearly $20.2K  –  $323.1K. 

What is Ron Gaming’s Real Name?

Well, Ron Gaming’s actual name besides from gaming is Ronak Makhodia. 


Well, that was our today’s article on Ron Gaming Bgmi Id, Real Name, Age, Income, Statistics in Bgmi, YouTube Channel and Content, Most Watched YT Vid, Instagram, and every other thing that you read about in this article. 

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