Shreeman Legend Bgmi Id, Income, Real Name, Age, Stats, Best YT Vid in 2022


Shreeman Legend Bgmi Id, Real Name, Age and Physical Appearance, Social Handles, YouTube Channel and Content, Statistics in Battlegrounds Mobile India, and much more in the present year of 2022. 

Well, if you are a consistent Bgmi player or a part of the Battlegrounds Mobile India or Pubg Mobile community then definitely for once you must’ve heard this name. 

Shreeman Legend is a gamer, content creator, and an overall funny guy. A funny guy who is a passionate gamer as well as acknowledged for his amazing content that let’s make his viewers not leave his channel. 

The guy is also well-known for his amazing performance and content creation of Battlegrounds Mobile India on his channel and has a huge audience on his YouTube Channel. 

Well, this is all for the rest of the article, but for now, without wasting any further time in the introduction we’ll get started right away with our today’s article on Shreeman Legend Bgmi Id, Income, Real Name, Age, Stats, Best YT Vid and more in 2022. 

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Shreeman Legend Real Name

Well, before starting and telling anything. We ought to know Sherman’s real name before anything else. So, I would like to tell you that Shreeman’s real name is Siddhant Praveen Joshi. 

Shreeman Age and Physical Appearance 

Let’s discuss his Age and physical appearance which mainly include Sherman’s height and weight. Well, for these we can only estimate the numbers as no one really knows it unless and until the creator reveals it by himself.

But his estimated age is to be around 24 years as of the present year which is 2022. And, if we talk about his physical then his height and weight then they are approximately around 5’10 and 75 kilograms respectively.

Shreeman Legend Bgmi Id and In-Game-Name

So, let’s talk about shreeman legend bgmi id and his In-Game-Name in Battlegrounds Mobile India. So, I would like to tell you that his Bgmi Id in the game is 510399433 and his In-Game-Name is IMxShreeMan. 

Shreeman Legend YouTube Channel

As I told you before that the pro gamer is also a content creator and has a huge audience on his YouTube Channel Named shreeman legend live based mainly on gaming. 

And if we talk about the numbers then the YouTube Channel has more than 1.61M subscribers and 1,766 videos on the channel in addition to this, I would like to tell you that the channel was created on Jul 6th, 2018 and produces content on different types of streams. 

For Battlegrounds Mobile India I see shreeman has a separate channel for that purpose only named ShreeMan LegenD that majorly includes his gaming videos and his Bgmi and Pubg Mobile gameplays, highlights, and more. 

What content does shreeman Legend Make

Well, mainly the content is related to gaming only but besides gaming, if you give look at his YouTube channel then you can clearly see that the creator has a vast interest when it comes to gaming and creating content. 

You’ll easily find a variety of content on his channel from highlights to fun gameplay and from daily live streams to YouTube shorts. Shreeman is doing everything that he can to grow his YouTube Channel and to grow his audience base more and more. 

And, as I mentioned something before about his personality that if you’ve noticed that Sherman’s a funny guy and creates content that entertains his audience and doesn’t let them go away from his channel.  

Just like trying new games, he changes his audience’s interest and gives them short and crisp breaks from his content and sometimes funny memes review also videos like these are easy to find on his channel. 

Shreeman Legend Earnings from YouTube Channel

So, now you must be familiar with his YouTube Channel and the content that he makes from the two upper parts of the article. But now let’s discuss the estimated revenue that he generates from his YouTube Channel. 

As nobody knows the accurate figure so we can only estimate it through their YouTube Channel’s growth and the number of views they get and that is what decides their income from their channel. 

Well, in shreeman’s case according to data from the social blade his estimated monthly earnings from his YouTube Channel is around $1.6K  –  $25.9K, and his estimated yearly earnings are around $19.4K  –  $310.8K from his YouTube Channel as of the present time. 

shreeman legends earnings

Shreeman Legend’s Most Watched YouTube Video

Well, what would be the most views received to a 1.6M subscribed channel? Leave it in the comments.

But we’re gonna tell you that anyways. So shreeman’s most-watched YouTube Video right now at the time of writing the article is his Pubg gameplay video.

The title of the video was, ” Most Aggressive NALLA BOY IN PUBG PC” and the video received over 5.4M views and is currently the most-watched YouTube video on his channel. 

Shreeman Legend Bgmi Id Ranked Stats 

Well, in the current season shreeman has played around 42 games in total and has won 9 among them with a Win Ratio of 21.4% in the current ranked season. 

With a Top 10 Rate of 76.2%, the pro player was able to finish around 32 matches in the Top 10 out of these all and at last among all these games he was successful in collecting over 138 finishes with an F/D Ratio of 3.29 with a final accuracy of 23.2%. 

Although this was only Shreeman legend Bgmi Id’s current statistics so we can’t figure out his exact and accurate gameplay on the basis of a little piece of information so for that let’s give a look at shreeman legend bgmi id’s all-time career stats

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Shreeman Legend Bgmi Id All-Time Career Stats 

So, for an accurate figure of his gameplay let’s give a look at Shreeman legend bgmi id’s all-time career statistics.

Well according to the numbers shreeman has played a total of 6261 games in his Battlegrounds Mobile India career and has gathered around 1134 wins with a Win Ratio of 18.1%. 

Shreeman easily thrived over 3760 games in the top which is almost around 60.1% of the Top 10 Rate and at last, he was triumphant in collecting an estimated 20580 Finishes in the game with a final F/D Ratio of 3.29 and an accuracy of 18.6%. 

Shreeman Legend’s Social Handles 

Final Words

So, that was all about Shreeman Legend Bgmi Id, Real Name, Age and Physical Appearance, Social Handles, YouTube Channel and Content, Statistics in Battlegrounds Mobile India, and more that was available in the article.

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