Snax Gaming BGMI ID, Instagram, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Height, Best YT Vid in 2022


Snax Gaming BGMI ID, Instagram, Net Worth, YouTube Channel, Real Name, Age, Height, and more in 2022. Snax Gaming is one of the Best Players of Battlegrounds Mobile India and also is said to be an underdog in this game.

Well, if you’re an active player of the game and follow the matches, competitions, and YouTube very frequently or often then you might be already familiar with this player and his team which is the Team XO recently joined by him.

Well, he is also a YouTuber and a very popular and known player in the competitive games of Battlegrounds Mobile India and is very well known for his Stunning Gameplay and Gyroscope Control in the game.

Well, that is for the basic starting introduction of the player. And, now let’s start with the rest of the article on Snax Gaming BGMI ID, Instagram Account, Net Worth and Earnings from his YouTube, Age, Real Name, Height and much more in the present year of 2022.

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Snax Gaming Real Name

Well, what is his real name you might be wondering? Everyone is familiar with the In-Game-Name but what about the real one. So, Snax Gaming Real Name is Raj Varma.

Snax Gaming BGMI ID and IGN

So, what is his Battlegrounds Mobile India game ID? Well, Team XO’s Snax Gaming BGMI ID is 585127130, and his IGN Xosnáx.

Snax Gaming Age and Height

Well, let’s know to talk a little about his age and physical appearance and by physical appearance, I mean his Height and Weight.

Alright, so if we talk about his age then it is said to be at around 22-23 years as of the present year which is 2022, and apart from this his Height and Weight are also estimated at around 6’1 and 70KGs respectively.

Snax Gaming Ranked Stats in BGMI

Well, now let’s give a look at the performances of the player in the game as per the statistics.

So, in ranked matches, Snax has played a total number of 248 games with over 83 wins in it and has finished 164 times in the Top 10 which is equal to an amazing rate of 66.1% in the Top 10.

Snax also gathered a pretty good amount of Finishes and has maintained a good Accuracy in the game with over 1684 Finishes he has a very decent 33.5% of Win Ratio and 12.8% of Accuracy in the game.

Well, I also had to appreciate his headshot% and the number of headshots he scored in the game which is almost at around 23.2% in and 390 respectively in the game as it’s not a very easy task to have this number.

And, at last, Snax Gaming had a really great F/D Ratio of 6.79 and an AVG Damage of 1082.3 which is usually not easy to maintain.

Snax Gaming All-Time Carrer Statistics

Well, that was just the statistics from his current season but in this section, we’ll take a look at his all-time career statistics in the game. So, let’s look forward to it starting with the total number of matches played by him.

So this number would be at around 5367 games and if we talk of the number of games won among them then this figure would be at around 1484 which is equal to a 27.7% of Win Rate.

Well, he did have a decent number of 3203 games finished in the Top 10 which comes down to a 59.7% of Top Rate.

At last, Snax Gaming really outperformed his All-Time stats with a final F/D Ratio and Accuracy of 5.10 and 13.2%. What do ya’ll think of this, let us know in the comments.

Snax Gaming YouTube Channel

Well, as told above Snax Gaming aka Raj Varam is known for his Stunning Gameplay and Tips and Tricks in the game.

But where does he shares all of this? So, that’s, where his YouTube Channel comes in and also, is one of the reasons for his popularity in this niche.

Well, his YouTube Channel Name is simple and clear Snax Gaming. And, as per the stats of his YouTube Channel, his current subscriber count is at 1.22M Subscribers and he has exactly 295 uploads on his YouTube Channel.

Snax Gaming Most Popular YouTube Video

Well, Snax Gaming did have a lot of popular uploads on its YouTube Channel but one of the most-watched videos on the platform is his Gyroscope Learning video which got an amazing amount of views over 2.5M views and the title of the YouTube video was,” Learn Gyroscope Part -1 – PUBG MOBILE”. You can check out the YouTube video down below

Snax Gaming Control Code

Snax Gaming’s Control Code which is officially shared by him is this one 6916-3305-6797-6355-067.

Snax Gaming Sensitivity

Camera Sensitivity (Free Look)

  • 3rd Person Camera (Character, vehicle) – 100%
  • Camera (Parachuting) – 55%
  • 1st Person Camera (Character) – 55%

Camera Sensitivity ( Affects the sensitivity of the camera when the screen is swiped in any direction without firing )

  • 3rd Person No Scope – 55%
  • 1st Person No Scope – 55%
  • Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist – 30%
  • 2x Scope – 30%
  • 3x Scope, Win94 – 11%
  • 4x Scope, VSS – 9%
  • 6x Scope – 7%
  • 8x Scope – 7%

ADS Sensitivity ( Affects the sensitivity of the camera when the screen is swiped while firing )

  • 3rd Person No Scope – 55%
  • 1st Person No Scope – 55%
  • Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist – 1%
  • 2x Scope – 1%
  • 3x Scope, Win94 – 1%
  • 4x Scope, VSS – 1%
  • 6x Scope – 1%
  • 8x Scope – 1%

Gyroscope ( When the Gyroscope is activated, the sensitivity of the tilt camera controls can be adjusted )

  • 3rd Person No Scope – 280%
  • 1st Person No Scope – 280%
  • Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist – 300%
  • 2x Scope – 300%
  • 3x Scope, Win94 – 250%
  • 4x Scope, VSS – 110%
  • 6x Scope – 90%
  • 8x Scope – 70%

Snax Gaming Earnings and Net Worth

Well, now let’s talk about the Earnings and Net Worth Part which is one of the most searched topics also regarding snax gaming.

Well, first of all, we want to clear one simple thing these numbers are just an estimated figure that could be possible with the help of Social Blade.

So, heading to the question that what is Snax Gaming Net Worth and Earnings. Well, according to the Information from Social Blade we found out that Snax Gaming has estimated monthly earnings of $896  –  $14.3K and similarly yearly earnings of $10.8K  –  $172K

Snax Gaming Instagram and Other Social Handles

Well, if you’re looking for Snax Gaming’s Social Handles then this one is for you. As you can check out all of the available Social Handles down below.

Final Thoughts

Well, that was for today’s article on Snax Gaming BGMI ID, Instagram, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Height, and more in 2022.

And, I would conclude the article with some last and final words that all these figures are just an estimated number and not any accurate digits, for example, his revenue and earnings.

They are just an estimated number and not any accurate figures, and as the person will play more and more games in the future and will grow his channel, the earnings from it would also grow.

So, that’s why these numbers are never accurate and they keep on changing but if we see the bigger picture then majorly these remain almost the same.

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