Spower Age, BGMI ID, Earnings, Real Name, Best YT VID, Stats, Social Profiles in 2022


Spower Age, Bgmi Id, Real Name, Best YT Vid, Social Profiles, YouTube Channel and content, Statistics in Battlegrounds Mobile India, Earnings, and much more in 2022. 

Well, Spower is a 16-year-old young Esports gamer who has changed the view of players seeing Esports as only for adults only. With maintaining and keeping his Esports competitive career on one side he is also a content creator.

Yes, Spower is a content creator and publishes his Battlegrounds Mobile India videos and content on his YouTube Channel. Well, let’s leave this topic for later in this article. 

Well, at the age of 16 only the young teen is achieving so much, and his gameplay and performance definitely speak for him. If you’re involved in the community and the players then you must be already aware of this thing. 

Well, more about this further, but now let’s start with our today’s article on Spower Age, Bgmi Id, Real Name, YouTube Channel, Content, Stats, Social, and much more in the present year of 2022, and if you’re willing to know each and every little thing about him then stay tuned till the very end of the blog post to acknowledge yourself with every single detail discussed in this one. 

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Spower Real Name 

So, let’s talk about the Battlegrounds Mobile India part later on, but besides it did you know his real name? Well, I had to guess it, then probably not. Well, I would like to tell you that his real name is Rudra RB and everybody just calls him by the name of spower. 

Spower Age and Physical Appearance 

Well, as I told you above also he is a 16-year-old gamer and a content creator and if we talk about his physical appearance then spower’s height is estimated to be around 5’6, and his weight is estimated to be around 55 kilograms. 

Well, it’s just an estimated figure from our side and not any kind of accurate figures so if you think that something is not correct then you can just leave a comment down below letting us know that. 

Spower Bgmi Id and In-Game-Name

Well, now let’s give a look at Spower Bgmi Id and In-Game-Name in Battlegrounds Mobile India. So, according to the web, Spower Bgmi Id is 5175415606 and his In-Game-Name is GodL  SpoweR. 

Spower YouTube Channel 

Well, the competitive Esports player also has a YouTube Channel on the other side of his Esports career.

And if we talk about the numbers then currently at the time of writing the article spower has more than 221K subscribers and 394 total YouTube Videos uploaded on his YouTube Channel.

Well, mostly he uploads his montages, gameplays, live streams, short uploads, highlights which all basically are on Battlegrounds Mobile India only. 

And, currently, his best watched YouTube Video on his channel is his 45k special montage video which received about 238k views at the time of writing the article 

Spower Earnings from YouTube Channel

Well, according to social blade Spower’s monthly earnings from his YouTube Channel are around $206  –  $3.3K whereas if we see his yearly earnings from his YouTube channel then it is estimated at around $2.5K  –  $39.5K. 

Well, these are just an estimated number again and it really depends on the creator’s YouTube Channel growth and views presently. And, that’s why it can be more and less exactly at the same time. 

Spower Bgmi Id Ranked Stats

Well, in the current season spower has played around 160 total matches with 27 wins from it maintaining a Win Ratio of 16.9%. The pro player has finished around 93 matches in the Top 10 which is equal to a 58.1% in the Top 10. 

And, at last among all of the games, Spower collected around 1017 total finishes which comes down to a final F/D Ratio of 6.36 and an accuracy of 22.7%. 

Spower Bgmi Id All-Time Career Stats

Well, in Spower’s All-Time Carrer Stats he has played almost 9411 total matches with around 1413 games won among them which is equal to a 15.0% of Win Ratio. 

Finished around 5134 matches in the Top 10 has a 54.6% of Top 10 Rate. And, at last, he collected a stunning number of 38336 finishes in the game with a final F/D Ratio of 4.07 and an accuracy of 13.3% respectively. 

Spower Social Handles


Well, readers that were all about Spower Age, Bgmi ID, Statistics in Bgmi, Social Profiles, Earnings from YouTube Channel, and more. Furthermore, if you’ve any more queries or questions left with you leave them in the comments down below.

And, if you’ve any suggestions, or advice for us to make this article more helpful and valuable for other readers then please let us know that also.

Well, all of the numbers which were discussed in the article were taken at the time of writing it so it can also be more and less depending on what time you check these details. 

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