Sultan Proslo Free Fire Uid, Real Name, Net Worth, YouTube, Gameplay in 2022


Sultan Proslo Free Fire Uid, IGN, Real Name, Net Worth, YouTube Channel, and Content, Gameplay, Instagram and Social Handles, FAQs, Free Fire Collection Videos, Best YT VID, and much more in 2022.

Well, India’s gaming industry is now touching the peaks and rising day by day. And, especially we talk about one specific part which is growing the most in our country in gaming is the online gaming. And, not only India but some other countries also.

By this term online gaming, I simply mean the famous battleground games our nation and the community love to play. Battlegrounds Mobile India, Free Fire, and Pubg Mobile If I have to name some of them.

Well, these games are nowadays so popular in the country that even small children of our nation would be familiar with this game or in fact, maybe playing the.

And, because of their popularity not only do people love to play them but also watch that games in the form of videos and live streams. Well, that’s the part where the content creator comes.

Well, today we’re going to talk about someone outside of our nation as I also mentioned the rising interest of people in the games not only to find India but outside of it.

So, without extending the Introduction part let’s get started with our today’s article on Sultan Proslo Free Fire Uid, Income, YouTube, Social, and much more as of the present year which is 2022.

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Who is Sultan Proslo

Well, that person is none other than sultan proslo gaming. Well, he is a gamer as well as a content creator also who mainly uploads his gaming-related videos on his YouTube Channel.

He is well-known for his fantastic skill and gameplay in Garena Free Fire MAX who is a gaming YouTuber from Indonesia. Before Garena Free Fire, sultan proslo would focus on other areas of content creation but after this, he posts FF videos more frequently and often.

Sultan Proslo Real Name

Well, besides from Garena Free Fire his real name is Dyland Maximus Zidane but everyone just calls him by the name of sultan only.

Sultana Proslo Face

Well, one of the most asked questions about this player is his face and real name. Well, if the real name we talk about is his real name then we talked about that above and when it comes to his Face then you can search it on YouTube or also check it out in the image down below.

Sultan Proslo Free Fire Uid

Well, now after a small introduction let’s talk about his Garena Free Fire User Id and In-Game-Name. So, Sultan Proslo Free Fire Uid in the game is 16207002 and his IGN is SULTAN. This is his real face and if you will search for his YT Channel this is also the icon of his YouTube Channel.

Sultan Proslo YouTube Channel

Well, as I mentioned the content creation part above I meant his YouTube Channel on which Sultan Proslo has a huge audience base with over 15.4M Subscribers.

And, right now at the time of writing the article, the content creator has more than 1,707 videos uploaded on his channel. The major part of his content relates to Garena Free Fire then whether it includes his Gameplays, highlights, Collection videos, and friendly battles. 

Sultan Proslo’s Most Watched YT Vid

Well, at present time among all of his YouTube videos Sultan Proslo’s most-watched YouTube Video is his SULTAN PXROS NANTANG BALAPAN KODRAT MAEL LEE!. The YouTube Vidoe has received over 35M+ Views and 671k likes currently.

Sultan Proslo Income From YouTube

Well, let’s give a look at his earnings from the YouTube Channel that we talked about above. Well, if you want to know his earnings from his YouTube Channel, and the monthly and yearly earnings of the creator then we have to look at Social blade.

So, as I can see Sultan Proslo’s monthly earnings from his YouTube Channel are estimated to be at around $2K  –  $31.4K, and his yearly earnings are estimated to be at around $23.6K  –  $377.3K depending on the current month.

And, when I say current month then basically I mean the number of views which the channel has got in the past 1 month, and with this, it also depends on the growth of the creator’s channel.

But more importantly, this is just an estimated number of what the content creator’s income could be which is calculated by the views and growth as I told you above. Well, there are also other factors like CPM, Niche, and others but that is another topic for another time.

Sultan Proslo Free Fire Uid Gameplay

Well, for his gameplay it’s best when you check out the creator’s matches with some good players in their category. And, when it comes to sultan proslo. So awe found one match of Sultan Proslo with Lokesh Gamer if you want to check out their full match then you may check out the video down below.

Sultan Proslo Social Handles

Final Verdict

Sultan Proslo Free Fire Uid, IGN, Real Name, Net Worth, YouTube Channel, and Content, Gameplay, Instagram and Social Handles, FAQs, Free Fire Collection Videos, Best YT VID, and everything that you read about in this article.

And, if you’ve any further queries or questions left with you then drop them down in the comment section and we’ll definitely get right back to it. And, same if you want to contact us or give us some suggestions then also you can tell us about them

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