Sunil Gamer BGMI ID, Net Worth, Best Stats, YouTube, and more in 2022


Sunil Gamer Bgmi ID, Income and Earnings, Best Statistics in the game, YouTube Channel and Content, Instagram, and much more in 2022.

Sunil Gamer, in the Battlegrounds Mobile India community and world of the game I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re a player of the game, you’re a content creator, or you’re just a normal explorer of the game.

Everybody in this Online Gaming community of this famous Battlegrounds Mobile India game knows about this person or personality as you can also say.

He is well-known for his absolutely amazing gameplay and performance in the game followed by his fantastic YouTube Channel which at the time of writing the article is one of the most famous and popular YouTube Channels when it comes to gaming and especially Battlegrounds Mobile India.

And, if you stumbled upon this article somehow then you must be already familiar with this thing. Specifically, if I talk about the content creator’s YouTube Channel then he is quite popular for his Tips and Tricks and YT Shorts videos on the channel.

Well, in this article of ours today we would be talking about Sunil Gamer Bgmi ID, Income and Earnings, Best Statistics in the game, YouTube Channel and Content, Instagram, and a lot of other things too in 2022.

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Sunil Gamer Bgmi ID and IGN

So, Sunil gamer’s bgmi ID is 5629456385 and his In-game-name is SiX9ツSuniLYT.

Sunil Gamer ID Ranked Stats

sunil gamer c2s5 stats

Sunil Gamer ID All-Time Career Stats

Well, according to Sunil Gamer Bgmi ID in his All-Time Career of Battlegrounds Mobile India, he played around 2900 matches in total with around 408 wins successfully overcoming all with a final 14.1% of the Win Ratio. Sunil managed to finish nearly 1471 games in the Top 10 which is around 50.7% of the Top 10 Rate and in last with a final 3.79 K/D Ratio and an 11.7% accuracy in the game.

  • Headshot% – 20.1%
  • Headshots – 2205
  • AVG Damage – 656.5
  • Most Finishes – 29
  • Highest Damage – 4100
  • AVG Heals – 131.6
  • AVG Survival – 11.6m
  • AVG Traveled – 4.49KM

sunil gamer career stats

Sunil Gamer YouTube Channel

Well, the professional Battlegrounds Mobile India player also runs a YouTube Channel that goes by the name of again Sunil Gamer only which you must be also aware of if you’re a player of the game and you follow the gaming community quite regularly.

And, if we talk about his statistics of the channel then at the time of writing the article the channel has more than 3.06M subscribers and 832 videos uploaded to the channel. 

Indeed, if we take about his channel then for the most part the channel just revolves around Battlegrounds Mobile India with mainly his channel including yt shorts, his Gameplays, Highlights, and much more than you can check out on his channel.

Sunil Gamer Net Worth and Income

As per the information available on noxinfluencer about the player and Sunil Gamer his monthly earnings and income from the YouTube Channel are estimated somewhere between $9.48K – $75.84K, or you can say his 30 days income from the YouTube Channel.

Well, if we talk about his yearly or annual evaluated income and earnings from the channel then it is around $113k – $900k as of the current statistics of the YouTube Channel.

Indeed, these are just an estimated number and not any kind of accurate figures to just give us an idea of what a content creator’s income could be depending upon a lot of factors like the Views that the channel gets, Niche, CPM, RPM and a lot of other factors are also included in the list.

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Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on Sunil Gamer Bgmi ID, Income and Earnings, Best Statistics in the game, YouTube Channel and Content, Sensitivity Settings, Controls Code, Instagram, and everything that we talked about in the blog post.

Now, if you’ve any more queries or questions left regarding anything related to the site or this article on Sunil gamer bgmi id or any other thing in the post.

And, if you’re interested in articles just like this one you can check out our best BGMI and Pubg Mobile popular players category to check out more players just like the one we discussed in today’s article.

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