Top 10 Best BGMI Players in India of 2022 that nobody talks about!!!


The Top 10 Best Bgmi Players in India with the best skillset, performance, statistics, and everything that you could think of when it comes to Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

Well, you see this one is the abundantly asked question in the Esports and the Bgmi community of our India. There are so much of questions, queries, doubts, not so clear answers regarding this one. 

See, if you’re part of the community and you’re following it for a long time now whether you’ve been playing the game or not but you know a little bit about it then you will be able to relate to the article and the stuff that we’re going to talk about. 

And, these types of questions and doubts should arise because it acknowledges a person who is just new in the community and therefore is more helpful for the player. 

Well, most of these lists are just made by the author or the admin on many factors just like the gameplays, statistics, analysis, and many such others but the most important and valuable point is the audience and the public’s choice.

So, here we are with another article on one of the most asked questions regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India which is the best bgmi player in India as of the present year which is 2022.  

So, without talking more in the intro let’s get started with our list of the Top 10 Best Bgmi Players in India presently in 2022 selected by fans and the players. 

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List of the Top 10 Best Bgmi Players in India as of 2022

1. Jonathan Gaming

Well, number 1 on the list would be none other than Jonathan Gaming. As I mentioned above if you’re quite the follower of the game and the community then you must be pretty much familiar with this player and his performance in the game. 

At the start of his career, Jonathan was mistaken for a hacker as he killed enemies in just a blink, and that too in smoke. Players started doubting him and this was all done on a competitive Esports level, you can know about it here we have a full article on Jonathan Gaming himself. 

The Esports player also has a YouTube Channel with a huge audience with over 4.13M subscribers at the time of writing the article. In addition to this, he is also called the spray god of Bgmi by his fans and the players. 

Well, because of all these reasons Jonathan Gaming definitely deserves to be on the #1 in the list of the Top 10 Best Bgmi Players in India as of 2022. 

2. XSpark Mavi 

Number second on today’s list of the best bgmi players in India is XSpark Mavi. This pro player is said to be one of the best IGLs in our community and Battlegrounds Mobile India. The way he handles his team and calls then whether it’s rotations, formations, game styles of the players, and everything that includes it. 

Even in difficult situations and conditions, XSpark Mavi outperforms everyone and shows who he is. Sometimes shocks everyone not only his teammates or players but each and everyone who’s watching that specific live stream or match. 

I mean right now at this time after that Spray god aka Jonathan Gaming the second on the list would be none other than XSpark Mavi. the Bgmi Pro Player also has a YouTube Channel with over 1.27M subscribers currently. 

We also have a full article on XSpark Mavi with a complete full packed information on the player and that’ll be the only article you’ll ever need to know about XSpark Mavi and more. 

3. XSpark ScoutOp

If you’re quite the follower of the game and the community then I don’t need to introduce this player even every beginner or any newbie would be familiar with this player. 

Number third on the list after Mavi can be none other than XSpark ScoutOp and the reason why he is in the third place on today’s list of the best bgmi players in India and just after Mavi is because of the bond with each other and the gameplay and performance. 

Scout has a huge audience on his YT Channel with over 4.41M subscribers presently, scout is precisely one of the biggest and most popular or well-known Esports players and a content creator when it comes to Battlegrounds Mobile India and online gaming. 

And, one small thing that I would like to tell you is that Scout just bought a new car and if you would like to watch that video then it is here down below you can check out the YouTube Video by yourself. 

4. GodLClutchGod

The number fourth on the list is GodLClutchGod and as the name suggests his gameplay is also just like a clutchgod. A friend and a very good teammate of Jonathan Gaming. 

He is also a Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports Player and a content creator just like the others. The pro player also has several achievements and prizes on him that you can check out here

On his YouTube Channel clutchgod currently has more than 444k subscribers. Well if we have to give you a piece full information about the pro player then the article would be so long. So, that’s why we have a separate blog post on ClutchGod only where we have discussed every small piece of information that you need to know about him. 

5. INDSnaxx

The number five on the list of the best bgmi players In India is one of the best assaulters and Esports competitive players of Battlegrounds Mobile India who is none other than INDSnaxx

Well, if you’re familiar with the team then you may know that his team which is the IND is especially known for its dominating gameplay only. 

Raj Varma aka INDSnaxx also plays an important role as a sniper in their team. Snaxx is also a Bgmi Gaming Content creator where he uploads his gameplays, live streams, tips and tricks, tutorials, and many more that you can check out on his YouTube Channel

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6. GodLNeeyo 

Another GodL player of the community is GodLNeeyo. He is also another notable player as well as plays a great and important role as an assaulter for his team which is the GodL.

With Esports on one side, Neeyo is also a Content Creator who uploads gaming-related content which includes his Battlegrounds Mobile India videos on platforms like his YouTube Channel

Well, Neeyo is definitely a must include player in our today’s list of the Best Bgmi Players in India and especially of 2022. 

7. GodLZGod 

Number seven on today’s list of the best bgmi players in India is GodLGod. Another very good friend and teammate of Jonathan and Neeyo. These players are currently playing for GodLike.

If you’ll see some content of their gameplays, highlights and streams then you can find out their team is also no less dominating than the IND. 

GodLike Esports are best known for their rush gameplays, close-range fights, assaulting and dominating type of gameplay, and performance in the scrims and the matches.

ZGod is one of them, likewise the others he publishes content on his YT channel, and right now he has over 415k subscribers on his YouTube Channel and almost 355K followers on his Instagram account.

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8. XSpark Gill

The number eight on today’s list is another teammate and assaulter of the team XSpark after Scout and Mavi.

XSpark Gill is also known for his stunning gameplay and performance in the Esports competitive scrims and matches in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

The pro player also has a YouTube Channel same as the others and if we talk about the numbers then the channel has over 221K subscribers with 109 videos at the time of writing the article and thus is placed at #8 in the list of the best bgmi players in India.

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9. Velocity Gaming Kratos

Velocity Gaming Kratos is another dominating player of the team Velocity Gaming who is placed number ninth on today’s list of best bgmi players in India in 2022. 

VLT Kratos started his Esports Career with GodLike Esports and after some time joined the TeamIND. As a consistent follower of the community and the team, Kratos built up a very good relationship with his teammates of TeamIND.

And, on 26th November 2021, Kratos joined the team Velocity Gaming after IND. Well, it is just not about the team of the player but his performance and gameplay which is the reason for Kratos being in the top 10 list of the best bgmi players in India. 

10. SG SaumRaj

The last and the number tenth on today’s list of the best bgmi players in India is SG SaumRaj Skylightz Gaming also acknowledged as the SG Team. 

SG SaumRaj is a very stable performing player in the community, as well as his statistics in the game, are also great. Presently he has an F/D Ratio of 4.16 in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

He also received two awards in his Esports career, the first one was Battlegrounds Mobile India series 2021 the lone ranger award with a prize of $672 and the second one was also of the same amount of money and the award was on The rampage freak. 

Well, SaumRaj is a newly introduced player in the community and as per his current performance in the matches and the reviews by the viewers we thought that he certainly should be in our today’s list of the best bgmi players in India. 

Final Verdict

Well, our readers that we’re all about the Top 10 Best BGMI Players in India as of 2022 that nobody told you about. Well, now if you’ve any further queries, questions, or any kind of doubt left regarding our today’s article on the best bgmi players in India or any other issue.  

Feel free to leave it in the comment section down below and we’ll definitely get back to it. Or if you feel that the rankings of the best bgmi players in India could be improved a little more even then don’t hesitate to tell us about it.

Well, also if you think that the order of this list or anything is wrong with today’s list then I want to tell you one thing the performance of any player in the community is not always stable and at its peak.

So, that’s why sometimes it’s not important that our favorite player will always be at the top because everyone in every aspect of their lives faces a low level. But even then you can contact us with your question or queries. 

And, if we feel that your point is valid you can also get a shoutout in our article on your Instagram profile, blog or website, YT Channel, or anything like that. 

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