Top 5 Best Loot Places in Livik Map Bgmi and Pubg, Best Guide in 2022


One of the most significant principles to win a game in Battlegrounds Mobile India and Pubg Mobile is good loot that you should have in your hands in the game which will increase your chances of winning that fight in the game tremendously.

First of all, you have to have the full knowledge of the map in which you’re playing in, and in this article of ours today on the best loot places in livik map in Bgmi, as the name says, our today’s map would be livik.

Because if you’ll not have a good amount of loot in the game then you will even finish an enemy doesn’t it makes sense. So, the next question arises where can a player find this good amount of loot.

As I said that first, a player should have full knowledge of the map in which they’re playing in, so if you’re familiar with the Livik map then you check out our Full Guide on the Livik map because this can help you a lot.

But if you’re already acknowledged and familiar with the map then I guess we can continue with the article further ahead. While we already have a blog post on our site regarding the best loot spots in erangle in bgmi, it’s time to talk about other maps in the game. So, if you’re an erangle player, don’t forget to give it a look.

Well, now without any kind of further delay and stretching out the Introduction part, let’s get started with our today’s article on the Top 5 Best Loot Places in Livik Map in BGMI and Pubg Mobile aka Battlegrounds Mobile India as of the present season in 2022.

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Top 5 Best loot Places in Livik Map in BGMI and Pubg Mobile ( 2022 )!!!

Well, there are 5 best loot places in Livik Map in Battlegrounds Mobile India which I would like to discuss with you. And, they are selected on the based amount of loot, Cover, area, the should be HotDrops, the position of the place, and a lot of other factors too.

#1 Midestein 

The first one on our today’s list of the Top 5 best loot places in Livik is none other than the famous hot drop on the map the Midestein.

If the plane route is going between this location then a minimum of 2 squads are coming here. If we talk about the availability of the loot then, you’ll find enough or even more loot for your whole team.

And, the place is also very good, buildings can give you good coverage eventually take better fights here. One of the best loot locations on the livik map which you need to know about.

#2 PowerPlant 

If not midestien then the best location on the one would be PowerPlant as that’s why it is in the second position. Loot is great here, you can find cover in the two compounds very easily.

The best thing about the place is the fights that are here, you’ll not even get to know from where you’ve been knocked out and the excitement to respawn again and finish the enemy who finished you is also amazing.

So, Powerplant is also one of the best loot places in livik in bgmi when it comes to hot-drop landing on a place.

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#3 Crabgrass 

Crabgrass was one of the best places earlier when the map was just recently introduced but now its scission has changed a little bit. Not many players come here, but if we talk about the loot then it you get enough loot here also. Earlier it was one of the best loot spots in livik but now I would say it’s the number 3 in our today’s list.

Buildings can cover you and your teammates from all of the sides, it isn’t a fully hotdrophot-drop but yeah, if the plane route is going through crabgrass then you can definite competition.

#4 Gronhus 

I guess after the update gronhus has increased its posterity among the players because now a lot of people prefer to go to Gronhus, the loot is amazing, and it’s a hotdrophot drop on but the only disadvantage that this place has is its costs

And, the shortage of buildings and cover which cult in a player being finished faster because you can get the loot but you’ll be finished in the open area of Gronhus, so that’s why it is one the 4th position of the

#5 East Port

Coming to the last and 5th position of our today’s list of the best loot spots in livik is the East Port. Located at the corner of the map, this East Port is a good location for rank pushing to us because not only you can gather good loot here but after collecting that loot you can get vehicles to rush and can thus manage to collect some finishes in the game also.

So, overall if you’re not even rank pushing then also you can consider this location as your go-to log-too location plane route on your side. Well, only consider going to this place if you’re not playing with your regular squad and if you’re a bit conscious about your League or Rank in the game.


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