Ajjubhai  ( Total Gaming ) 

Who is Ajjubhai aka Total Gaming

Ajjubhai is a Professional Esports Gamer and a Content Creator who is known for his Gameplay & Performance in Garena FF. He is among the biggest and most popular YouTubers with a huge audience base on their YouTube Channels. 

Ajjubhai Real Name, Age, UID & IGN

Well, Ajju bhai's Real Name is Ajay and he is a 25 year old Professional Gamer and Content Creator. Ajju bhai's Uid in FF is 451012596 and if we talk about his IGN is Ajjubhai94 as you must already know about if you're a Garena Free Fire player.  

Ajjubhai Control Settings 

Ajjubhai Sensitivity Settings 

General - 30 Red dot - 50 2x Scope - 97 4x Scope - 97 Sniper Scope - 2 Freelook - 0

Aim Precision - Default Left Fire Button - Alway Quick Weapon Switch - Off Quick Reload - On AWM Sniping - Hold Fire to Scope Grenade Shot - Double slot Vehicle Controls - One-handed Auto-parachute - On Run mode - classic In-game tips - Default Damage Indicator - New Auto Switch Gun - On Visual Effects - No blood

Ajjubhai YouTube Channel

With over 32.2M subscribAjjubhai YouTube Channelers and 1,833 videos, Total Gaming becomes the Biggest YouTube Gaming channel in India

Ajjubhai Monthly Income

Ajjubhai, or Total Gaming monthly Income from YouTube is estimated between $26.5K  -  $424.6K, and his Yearly Income is estimated roughly between $318.5K  -  $5.1M depending on the current month

Final Words

Well, that was our today's article on Ajju Bhai UID, Real Name, IGN, YouTube Channel, Income and more in 2022. We've also published a Full-Fledged article on Ajju Bhai covering some more information also, so that is also a must read article if you're interested in the player. Swipe up to know more about it.