white444 Free Fire UID, Income, Best YT VID, Stats and more in 2022


White444 Free Fire UID, Garena In-Game-Name, Earnings, YouTube Channel and content, Best Statistics in Free Fire, Social Profiles, Best YT Vid, Sensitivity, and much more in 2022.

When it comes to content creation, gaming, and especially Garena Free Fire White444 is one of the most popular and known personalities in the game and our Indian FF Community. 

From gaming to content creation to youtube white444 is well-known for his performance in the game and the videos which he uploads to his youtube channel.

Well, I guess if you stumbled upon this article then you must be already aware that white444 has a huge audience base on his YouTube Channel and he is also recognized as some of the best players of the game and also for his fast reflexes, shots, and movements.

And, because of all these reasons white444 has become one of the most acknowledged and followed faces in the Garena Free Fire community of our nation. We’ll also discuss these things further in the article to be more elaborate and clear. 

But for now without extending the presentation part let’s get started with our today’s blog post on White444 Free Fire UID and IGN, Income, YouTube, and much more as of the present year which is 2022.

White444 Free Fire UID

Well, first of all before his sensitivity settings, guild or stats we have to know White444’s free fire id and In-Game-Name in free fire. So, white444’s free fire id is 1133099286 and his In-Game-Name is WHITE444. 

White444 Free Fire UID Sensitivity Settings

  • General – 47
  • Red Dot – 24
  • 2x Scope – 28
  • 4x Scope – 17
  • AWM/Sniper – 0 

Note – White444 is a emulator player and his all the settings are set according to the specs of his computer or laptop and his gameplay and preferences. It’s definitely not sure that these settings will work our the best for you.

You can set these settigns and change a little bit according to your gameplay and style. You can check out all of his other settings on his YouTube Video here in which he talked about a bunch of other things too. 

White444 UID Control Settings

  • Aim Precision – Default
  • Left Fire Button – Scope Only 
  • Quick Weapon Switch – Off
  • Quick Reload – Off
  • AWM Sniping – Hold Fire to Scope 
  • Vehicle Controls – Two Handed
  • In-game tips – Default
  • Auto-parachute – On
  • Damage Indicator – New
  • Visual Effects – No Blood

White444 Free Fire UID Guild 

Well, white444 is in the guild named !NOT   HUMANS and the guild id is 68877513 and the glory of their guild is 1101456. 

White444 UID Battle Royale Stats

In Solo

Well, according to NJB YouTube’s Video on white444 stats, in battle royale squad matches the pro player has played 1159 games and have won around 11o of them with around 2217 total kills gathered. He was able to finish around 277 matches in the Top 3 which is equal to a 23.90% of Top 3 Rate also and with a final K/D Ratio of 2.11 in the game. 

  • Revives – 150 
  • Most Kills in one match – 24
  • AVG Damage Per Match – 773
  • Headshots – 1507 
  • Headshots Rate – 67.07%

White444 UID Clash Squad Stats

In his clash squad career the player has played more than 1511 total matches and have won 679 games out of them with a pretty amazing 7091 number of kills gathered and a final KDA of 1.64 in the game. 

  • Revives – 335
  • AVG Damage Per Match – 2143
  • Headshots – 3982
  • Headshots Rate – 56.16%
  • Knockdowns – 6295
  • Win Rate – 44.94%
  • MVP – 548
  • Double Kill – 946 
  • Triple Kill – 392
  • Quadra Kill – 285

White444 vs Vincezo Match

Well, if you search for White444 vs Vincenzo match on the internet you will find a bunch of videos but the latest match that happenned between them was on 24 Dec 2021 and the full video is given down below you can check out the full match if you want to.


White444’s YouTube Channel

Well, as I mentioned above that the pro gamer also has a YouTube Channel by the name of WHITE444 YT with a huge audience base of around 5.11M subscribers and 51 total videos uploaded no his YouTube Channel right now at the time of writing the article. 

The content creator doesn’t have much videos on his channel but mainly the content just revolves around Garean Free Fire only which mainly includes his gameplays, highlights, 1v3 matches and some more stuff. 

White444’s Income from YouTube Channel

So, now let’s talk about the earning part of the article where you will get to know about white444’s estimated income from his YouTube Channel. Well, according to social blade white444’s monthly earnigns are estimated to be at around $430  –  $6.9K and his yearly earnings from the YouTube Channel are estimated around $5.2K  –  $82.6K currently. 

Well, the earnings of the creator really depends on the number of views which the channel is getting right now when the digits are recorded and how’s the channel doing overall and what’s the growth of the creator’s YouTube Channel. 

White444’s Most Watched YouTube Video

Well, till now among all the 51 videos which are uploaded on his YouTube Channel the most wathced video is his Clash Squad gameplay video only. And, at the time of writign the post the video has recieved over 16M+ Views and 1.3M total likes. You can check out the video down below if you wish to. 

White444’s Instagram

Well, currently on White444’s Instagram account the pro gamer has more than 725k followers and only 11 posts. 

Final Conclusion

Well, readers that were all about White444 Free Fire UID, Garena In-Game-Name, Earnings, YouTube Channel and content, Best Statistics in Free Fire, Social Profiles, Best YT Vid, Sensitivity, and every other thing that we talked about in the article.
And, if you’ve any more questions or doubts left with you then drop them down in the comment section and we’ll get right back to it in no time. And, same, if you’ve any suggestions for us then feel free to share it with us. 
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