Who is the KING of Free Fire in India in 2022 [ Ajjubhai or Who? ]


The Best disclosure of who is the King of Free Fire in India you should know if you’re a good player in the Garena Free Fire Max and you’re in the community, let’s find out if is it Ajjubhai. AS Gaming? Raistar? Ankush FF? or who. 

Well, if you landed on this page or article as you can call it then I would guess that you’re already a pretty good player of Garena Free Fire or Max as the new game has been released. 

So, if that’s the thing then you must be playing the game and might even be following the game on YouTube with the popular Content Creators in the YouTube Community and on different social media platforms also. 

And, one of the most discussed topics regarding these famous content creators is who is the best in the game, who is the king of free fire in India, or who is the fastest in the game. 

Well, we’ve already answered two major questions among these regarding the Best Garena Free Fire players with another blog post on the Fastest Free Fire players, but now it’s the time to talk about the King of Free Fire in India as of 2022 which people asked a lot.  

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Who is the King of Free Fire in India

Well, Ajjubhai aka Total Gaming is said to be the King of Free Fire in India as of the present year which is 2022. First of all, he is the most popular and known Garena Free Fire content creator and player in India. 

And, with this, I would like to tell you that Ajjubhai is also considered one of the best Garena Free Fire players and moreover, some players also say that Ajjubhai is the AWM King of Free Fire in India. 

But more importantly, Ajjubhai is considered to be the King of Free Fire in India because of the community and the players of the game, every player has his/her own opinion but when it comes to a final answer or one player then the name Ajjubhai is in the minds of every Garean Free Fire player in India. 

Before all of these things, Ajjubhai is known for his absolutely amazing gameplay and performance in Garena Free Fire with the content that he creates on his YouTube Channel. 

What is the UID of King of Free Fire in India in 2022

Well, AjjuBhai’s Id in Garena Free Fire is 451012596 with IGN ajjubhai94 and at the time of writing the article, the pro gamer is on Lv. 74 in the game and with a total of 35727 likes right now.

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Ajjubhai’s Real Name & Age

The real name of Ajju bhai real name Ajay but everyone just calls him by the name of ajjubhai or total gaming in the ff max community or you can say the King of Free Fire in India as per our today’s article.

And, if we talk about Ajjbhai’s Age then the exact age of the player is not known but we can tell you the player’s estimated age and which is somewhere around 24 – 25 years as of the current year. 

Ajjubhai’s YouTube Channel

Well, now let’s talk about his YouTube channel which is one of the biggest reasons why today he is such a big personality in the Garena Free Fire community his popularity, is also one of the reasons why he is known as the King of Free Fire in India in 2022. 
So, at the time of writing the article currently, Ajjubhai has over 33.7M Subscribers and 1927 videos on his YouTube Channel, Total Gaming has become the Biggest YouTube Gaming channel in India and also secures its position at the Top 4 rank in the World’s biggest YouTube Gaming Channel.

Ajjubhai’s YouTube EST. Income

Well, according to the social blade, Ajjubhai, or Total Gaming monthly Income from YouTube is estimated between $12.6K  –  $201.8K whereas if we talk about his yearly income then those figures are something around $151.4K  –  $2.4M depending on the current month.

And, one more thing is that these numbers always fluctuate and are dependent on the growth of his Youtube, then whether it’s the subscriber count, the number of views the channel is getting, or the likes, shares, and more.

Ajjubhai’s Sensitivitiy Settings

Ajjubhai’s PC Sensitivity

  • General – 30
  • Red dot – 50
  • 2x Scope – 97
  • 4x Scope – 97
  • Sniper Scope – 2
  • Freelook – 0

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Ajjubhai’s Mobile Sensitivity

  • General – 100
  • Red dot – 100
  • 2x Scope – 100
  • 4x Scope – 100
  • Sniper Scope – 30
  • Freelook – 55

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Final Words

Well, readers that were our today’s article on the Best disclosure of who is the King of Free Fire in India that you should know about if you’re a Garena Free Fire or Max player and you’re in the Garena community and you know the popular players. 

Now, if you have any more questions or queries that you wish to ask from us regarding the site or the article then do leave a comment down below letting us know about your doubt and we’ll reply to you as quickly as we can. 

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