Who is the World Highest Level Player in Pubg Mobile, ID, Best Stats, YT in 2022


Did you know that Who is the World Highest Level Player in Pubg Mobile till now in 2022. Well, probably, not and generally we also don’t think about it that much.

But now I would assume if you searched this thing on google and you stumbled upon our website and this page then you must be curious to know about it.

Moreover, stuff about the player like the what is the ID of the 100 level player in pubg, his statistics in the pubg, youtube channel and all of the other things about the player.

Well, that’s what we are going to discuss about in the this blog post of ours today on the world highest level player in pubg mobile, his statistics in the game, youtube channel and more in 2022.

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ID, Likes, and Rating of World Highest Level Player in Pubg Mobile

Well, the the world’s highest level player’s ID in Pubg Mobile is 541907793 and if you want to know his IGN then you can check it out in the image down below.

top 100 level player in pubg

World Highest level Player YouTube Channel

Well, the Top 100 level player in pubg mobile also has a YouTube Channel which might know about and the name of the YouTube Channel is هأأدي – PUBG that you may be familiar with.

And, at the time of writing the article the YouTube Channel has more than 100K subscribers and 107 videos uploaded on the Youtube channel with most of the content mainly related to the game only. 

With his gaming related videos that mainly consists of Pubg Mobile’s Gameplays, Highlights, Short videos and just content which for the most part revolves around the game only.

Top 100 Level Player Pubg Stats

Well, in the season of 21 December 2021, the player participated and played a total of 87 matches and won around 23.0% of them which is around 20 matches won and finished 65 games in the Top 10 with a 74.7% of Top 10 Rate. The player collected 677 kills in the game with a final K/D Ratio of 7.78 in the game with 14.4% of accuracy in the game.

world highest level player pubg stats

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Final Words

Well, readers this was our today’s article on the World Highest Level Player in Pubg Mobile and all of the other things regarding the player and about his Pubg Mobile ID.

And, now if you have any more questions or queries to ask from us regarding the blog post then drop them down in the comments section and we’ll be responding you as quickly as we can.

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